11 Facts About Portsmouth

1. The Treaty of Portsmouth, ending the Russo-Japanese War, was signed at the base.

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2. The Port Authority of Portsmouth is implementing a long-existing plan to add new piers that will allow for greater cargo capacity and room for vessel overflow.

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3. City of Portsmouth operates under a council-manager system of government.

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4. In 2008, Portsmouth was named one of the "Dozen Distinctive Destinations" by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

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5. In 2013 Portsmouth were relegated again, this time placing them in the League Two, the fourth tier of English Football.

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6. University of Portsmouth was founded in 1992 as a new university from the existing Portsmouth Polytechnic; it has 20,000 students on campus as of 2016.

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7. On 1 October 1916, Portsmouth was bombed by a Zeppelin airship.

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8. The Royal Navy's reliance on Portsmouth led to it becoming the most fortified city in the world.

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9. In 1997, Portsmouth became a Unitary Authority, with Portsmouth City Council gaining powers of a non-metropolitan county and district council combined, responsibilities previously held by Hampshire County Council.

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10. In 1926, Portsmouth was officially elevated in status from a town to a city.

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11. The city of Portsmouth is nicknamed Pompey and is mainly built on Portsea Island, a flat, low-lying island measuring 24 square kilometres in area, just off the south-east coast of Hampshire.

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