6 Facts About James Callaghan

1. In October 1999, James Callaghan told The Oldie Magazine that he would not be surprised to be considered as Britain's worst Prime Minister in 200 years.

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2. When the talks concluded, James Callaghan led the Cabinet in declaring the new terms acceptable and he supported a "Yes" vote in the 1975 referendum.

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3. In his memoirs Time and Chance, James Callaghan wrote that introducing the Commonwealth Immigrants Bill had been an unwelcome task but that he did not regret it.

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4. While working as a tax inspector, James Callaghan joined the Maidstone branch of the Labour Party and the Association of the Officers of Taxes a trade union for those in his profession.

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5. At the age of 17, James Callaghan left to work as a clerk for the Inland Revenue at Maidstone in Kent.

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6. In his early years, James Callaghan was known by his first name Leonard, when he entered politics in 1945 he decided to be known by his middle name James, and from then on he was referred to as James or Jim.

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