10 Facts About Hard Target


Hard Target is a 1993 American action film directed by Hong Kong film director John Woo in his U S debut.

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Hard Target was Woo's first U S film and was the first major Hollywood film made by a Chinese director.

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On its initial release, Hard Target received mixed reviews from film critics but was a financial success.

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Hard Target had 74 days of production time and was shot on location in New Orleans, including sequences shot in the French Quarter.

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Hard Target was released August 20,1993 in the United States making it the first film by an Asian director to be released by a Hollywood studio.

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Hard Target was the second highest-grossing film release of the week at the American box office on its initial release.

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Hard Target became the 49th highest-grossing film in the United States in 1993.

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Hard Target received mixed reviews on its initial release praising the film's action scenes but noting the poor story and Jean-Claude Van Damme's acting abilities.

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In 1997, Woo looked back on Hard Target, stating that it was "in some ways, quite a troublesome movie to make, but I'm rather happy with the way the action scenes turned out".

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Anyways, in Hard Target I was too ambitious, and tried to do everything in one film.

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