18 Facts About Harry Leslie Smith

1. Harry Leslie Smith has written for Canadian newspapers and spoken to school groups in Toronto in recent years.

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2. Harry Leslie Smith, now 94 years old, says his father would cry out to the factory manager: "Look at my boy.

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3. Harry Leslie Smith worked at UW and was a former junior high Reading teacher.

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4. On Wednesday, Harry Leslie Smith was being moved to an intensive care unit with low blood pressure and suspected pneumonia, his son said.

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5. Harry Leslie Smith delivers an impassioned speech about his life and the NHS on September 24, 2014 in Manchester, England.

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6. At the age of 94, Harry Leslie Smith started a podcast called "Harry's Last Stand" and launched a fundraising campaign to allow him to tour refugee camps around the world.

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7. Harry Leslie Smith delivers an impassioned speech about his life and the NHS on Sept 24, 2014 in Manchester, England.

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8. Harry Leslie Smith spent much of his life living in Canada, and he died in Ontario.

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9. Harry Leslie Smith made it his mission to visit refugees in recent years, starting a fundraiser in October 2017 to raise money for his trips.

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10. Harry Leslie Smith became an outspoken activist for the poor in his latter years, fighting for the preservation of social democracy.

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11. Harry Leslie Smith was a staunch defender of Britain's National Health Service, and called himself 'the world's oldest rebel', fighting for social justice until the very end.

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12. Harry Leslie Smith was born in Yorkshire in northern England to a family of miners and grew up in poverty.

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13. In 2016, Harry Leslie Smith endorsed Corbyn's re-election campaign at the Labour Party leadership election.

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14. Harry Leslie Smith wrote regularly for The Guardian commenting on politics and twentieth century history.

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15. On 20 November 2018 Harry Leslie Smith was admitted to Belleville General Hospital in critical condition after contracting pneumonia.

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16. Harry Leslie Smith made a career in the Oriental rug trade, as a buyer and salesman for Eaton's, specialising and importing new designs from the Middle East, the former Soviet bloc, and Afghanistan.

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17. Harry Leslie Smith joined the RAF in 1941 and spent several years in Hamburg, Germany as part of the Allied occupation force.

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18. Harry Leslie Smith was a British writer and political commentator.

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