18 Facts About Hawaiian Kingdom


Hawaiian Kingdom, or Kingdom of Hawai?i, was a sovereign state located in the Hawaiian Islands.

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Hawaiian Kingdom's was overthrown in 1893, largely at the hands of the Committee of Safety, a group including Hawaiian subjects and resident foreign nationals of American, British and German descent, many educated in the US.

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Hawaiian Kingdom was killed at Kealakekua Bay on the island of Hawai?i in 1779 in a dispute over the taking of a longboat.

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Hawaiian Kingdom established the Hawaiian Kingdom in 1795 with the help of western weapons and advisors, such as John Young and Isaac Davis.

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The unification ended the ancient Hawaiian Kingdom society, transforming it into an independent constitutional monarchy crafted in the traditions and manner of European monarchs.

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The Hawaiian Kingdom thus became an early example of the establishment of monarchies in Polynesian societies as contacts with Europeans increased.

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Hawaiian Kingdom acted on the Mahele land revolution of 1848, promulgated the first Constitution and its successor and witnessed cataclysmic losses of his people through Western-introduced diseases.

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The document created a constitutional monarchy like the one that existed in the United Hawaiian Kingdom, stripping the King of most of his personal authority, empowering the legislature and establishing a cabinet government.

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Hawaiian Kingdom's came to power during an economic crisis precipitated in part by the McKinley Tariff.

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Hawaiian Kingdom'storians suggest that businessmen were in favor of overthrow and annexation to the U S in order to benefit from more favorable trade conditions with its main export market.

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Hawaiian Kingdom's was tried by a military tribunal of the Republic, convicted of treason, and placed under permanent house arrest in her own home.

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Hawaiian Kingdom's overturned the old religion as the Christian missionaries arrived in the islands.

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The Hawaiian Kingdom entered into treaties with most major countries and established over 90 legations and consulates.

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Hawaiian Kingdom came about in 1795 in the aftermath of the Battle of Nu?uanu with the conquest of Maui, Moloka?i and O?ahu.

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Hawaiian Kingdom's domain comprised six of the major islands of the Hawaiian chain, and with Kaumuali?i's peaceful surrender, Kaua?i and Ni?ihau were added to his territories.

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Kamehameha IV and Kalakaua would later claim other islands in the Hawaiian Kingdom Archipelago, including Holoikauaua or Pearl and Hermes Atoll, Mokumanamana or Necker Island, Kauo or Laysan, Papa'apoho or Lisianski Island, Holaniku or Ocean Atoll, Kauihelani or Midway Atoll, Kanemiloha?i or French Frigate Shoals, Nalukakala or Maro Reef and Puhahonu or Gardner Pinnacles, as well as Palmyra Atoll, Johnston Atoll and Jarvis Island.

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Early in its history, the Hawaiian Kingdom was governed from several locations including coastal towns on the islands of Hawai?i and Maui .

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Hawaiian Kingdom commissioned the building of the palace at Ali?iolani Hale.

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