7 Facts About Headingley

1. Celebrate Headingley is an annual series of events organised by Headingley Network, taking place for the ninth time in September 2009.

2. The Lounge Cinema in the centre of Headingley has since closed and is being redeveloped as office and living accommodation, leaving only Cottage Road in Far Headingley.

3. Until 2005 Headingley had two cinemas, 'The Lounge' and 'The Cottage Road Cinema'.

4. Close by in Far Headingley are in close proximity The New Inn, The Three Horseshoes and Woodies.

5. The pub Headingley Taps is so called because it was formerly a water pumping station.

6. Small part of Headingley, specifically the area around Queenswood Drive, is in the Kirkstall ward of the Leeds West constituency, where the current MP is Rachel Reeves of Labour.

7. From Viking times, Headingley was the centre of the Skyrack wapentake or Siaraches, the "Shire oak".