14 Facts About Heidelberg University


In international comparison Heidelberg University occupies top positions in rankings and enjoys a high academic reputation.

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In 1563, the Heidelberg Catechism was created under collaboration of members of the university's divinity school.

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In 1735, the Old Heidelberg University was constructed at Heidelberg University Square, then known as Domus Wilhelmina.

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The modern scientific schools of medicine and natural science, particularly astronomy, were models in point of construction and equipment, and Heidelberg University was especially noted for its influential law school.

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The inscription above the main entrance of the New Heidelberg University was changed from "The Living Spirit" to "The German Spirit", and many professors paid homage to the new motto.

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Since Heidelberg was spared from destruction during World War II, the reconstruction of the university was realized rather quickly.

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Heidelberg University Library is the main library of the university, and constitutes together with the decentralized libraries of the faculties and institutes, the integral university library system comprising approximately 6.

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Since 1978, the science branch of the Heidelberg University Library serves the institutes of natural sciences and medicine on the New Campus.

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Heidelberg University has its own museum, in the main building of the old campus.

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Heidelberg University Council is the advisory board to the aforementioned entities and encompasses, among others, the former Israeli Ambassador to Germany Avi Primor, as well as CEOs of German industries.

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The city of Heidelberg being twinned with Cambridge, England, and Montpellier, France, there are close academic ties to the University of Cambridge and the Universite de Montpellier.

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Heidelberg University offers a broad variety of athletics, such as teams in 16 different court sports from American football to volleyball, courses in 11 different martial arts, 26 courses in physical fitness and body building, 9 courses in health sports from aquapower to yoga, and groups in 12 different dance styles.

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Adjacent to University Square is Heidelberg's major night life district, where one pub is placed next to each other.

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The city of Mannheim, which is about twice as large as Heidelberg University, is a 15-minute train ride away, and offers an even more diverse night life, having a broad variety of clubs and bars well-frequented by both Heidelberg University's and Mannheim's student community.

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