38 Facts About Honda Civic


Honda Civic is a series of automobiles manufactured by Honda since 1972.

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Since 2000, the Honda Civic has been categorized as a compact car, while previously it occupied the subcompact class.

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Honda Civic is one of the all-time best-selling automobiles in the world, with over 27 million units sold since 1972 as of 2021.

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Honda Civic, after establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of motorcycles during the 1950s, began production of automobiles in 1963.

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Honda Civic introduced its N360 minicar, compliant with Kei car specifications for the Japanese market, for the 1967 model year.

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The Civic gave Honda their first market success competing with manufacturers of standard compact cars, which was a growth segment as sales of kei cars plateaued and waned in the early 1970s.

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In Japan, the Honda Civic was the first fully modern compact car in the European style, offering a level of prestige never before seen in this class in the market.

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The Honda Civic quickly inspired Japanese domestic manufacturers to respond in kind, with models like the Mazda Familia AP, Daihatsu Charade, and Mitsubishi Mirage.

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However, the Honda Civic was reintroduced into the Japanese market with the launch of the tenth-generation model in 2017.

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The Honda Civic was available as a two- or four-door fastback sedan, three- and a five-door hatchback, as well as a five-door station wagon.

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The second generation Honda Civic was offered as a three-door hatchback, a four-door sedan, a five-door hatchback and a five-door wagon.

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Third-generation Honda Civic was released in September 1983 for the 1984 model year.

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The third generation Honda Civic saw the introduction of the long running four-cylinder D series engine including a new 1.

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In September 1987, a redesigned Honda Civic was introduced with increased dimensions and a lower hood line.

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Seventh-generation Honda Civic was released in September 2000, for the 2001 model year.

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The Honda Civic Coupe was no longer sold in Japan starting with this generation.

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Eighth-generation Honda Civic was released in September 2005 in the North American market, for the 2006 model year.

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The model was developed during the height of the global financial crisis, which led Honda Civic to believe that consumers specifically in North America would be willing to forego upscale content and quality in new vehicles as long as they were fuel efficient and affordable.

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The ninth-generation Honda Civic was never introduced in Japan, except the 750-unit limited run Honda Civic Type R sold in 2015.

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Eleventh-generation Honda Civic sedan was revealed as a prototype in November 2020.

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In Europe and the United States, "Honda Civic" generically refers to any model, though in Europe the coupe is branded the "Honda Civic Coupe".

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In 1973, the Honda Civic ranked third in the European Car of the Year awards, the highest ranking for a Japanese vehicle at that time.

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In 2006, the Honda Civic earned the 2007 "Semperit Irish Car of the Year" title.

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The Honda Civic Si was named "Best New Sport Car" and the sedan was named "Best New Economy Car" in the 2006 Canadian Car of the Year awards.

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The Honda Civic won the North American Car of the Year and the North American International Auto Show Car of the Year awards for 2006.

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In November 2006, the Honda Civic received the prestigious "Car of The Year" award from Brazilian magazine Auto Esporte.

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In recent years the Honda Civic has been used in a wide variety of racing series, particularly in Japan.

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The Honda Civic has been used in the UK in endurance series by teams such as Barwell Motorsport and Cartek Motorsport.

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In 2002 JAS Motorsport entered the European Touring Car Championship with a Super 2000 spec Honda Civic and was used until restart season of the World Touring Car Championship in 2005.

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In both 2007 and 2008, the Honda Civic allowed the team to finish 3rd in the Teams championship, behind the two manufacturer backed teams.

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In 2010 Honda returned to the BTCC as a 'works' team with Team Dynamics using Civics to win the 2010 manufacturers championship.

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In 2011 the team returns with its Honda Civic to defend its Team and Manufacturers championship again with the Neal and Shedden pairing.

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Honda Racing Team swapped to the brand new ninth generation Honda Civic, built fully to NGTC rules, for the 2012 BTCC season.

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However, in 2014, Honda Civic were unable to retain their title, which was won instead by MG.

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In 2012, Honda announced plans to enter the World Touring Car Championship with a racer built on the ninth generation Euro Civic five-door hatchback.

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Honda Civic was successful, winning the 2013 Manufacturers' World Championship in their first full season in the series, six races before the end of the season.

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The Honda Civic was the fastest car in 2017 with the most pole positions and main race victories, but the team missed out on another title as their championship-leading driver Tiago Monteiro suffered injuries in a crash during testing because of a brake failure, which put him out of the remaining rounds of the season, while other incidents hampered their results that season.

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In 2019, the Honda Civic was the second best selling car in the United States after the Toyota Camry.

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