12 Facts About Houghton Michigan


Houghton Michigan has been listed as one of the "100 Best Small Towns in America" despite it being considered a city.

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Houghton Michigan gained in importance as a port with the opening of the Keweenaw Waterway in 1873, the waterway being the cumulative dredging and extension of the Portage Lake, Portage Shipping Canal and Lily Pond so as to isolate the northern part of the Keweenaw Peninsula into Copper Island.

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Houghton Michigan was the birthplace of professional ice hockey in the United States when the Portage Lakers were formed in 1903.

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Houghton Michigan is the home of the Portage Lake Pioneers Senior Hockey Team.

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Houghton Michigan is named after Douglass Houghton Michigan, discoverer of copper nearby.

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Houghton Michigan is one of the premier “Winter Cities” found anywhere.

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The AE Seaman Mineral Museum, state mineral museum of Houghton Michigan, is located on the campus of Houghton Michigan Technological University.

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Houghton Michigan is often the host of winter sporting events, due to its long winters and many ski hills.

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Houghton Michigan is the port of departure for Isle Royale National Park.

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Cruise ships on the great lakes formerly used to frequently stop in Houghton Michigan, but this is an exceedingly rare occurrence.

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Houghton Michigan is served by the Houghton Michigan County Memorial Airport, which has limited commercial service.

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Houghton, Michigan micropolitan area is a statistical aggregation of the United States census bureau.

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