16 Facts About HTC Vive


VIVE, sometimes referred to as HTC Vive, is a virtual reality brand of HTC Corporation.

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Brand's first virtual reality headset, simply called HTC Vive, was introduced as part of a collaboration with Valve Corporation, implementing its SteamVR hardware and software ecosystem.

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In February 2022, HTC unveiled Viverse, a metaverse ecosystem comprising its 5G products, Vive VR devices, and related initiatives, as well as partners like ENGAGE and VRChat.

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In June 2016, HTC announced the release of their 'Business Edition' of the Vive for US$1, 200 which would include a Professional Use License, a 12-month Commercial Warranty, access to an exclusive support line, a 5-meter cable extension kit, and it included the Deluxe Audio Strap.

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HTC announced an updated revision of the Vive known as the Vive Pro in January 2018, which featured a higher resolution and other design tweaks for comfort.

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In 2019, HTC released the Vive Cosmos, which features inside-out motion tracking without external base stations, and supports interchangeable faceplates with different functionality.

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HTC Vive is bundled with two wand-like motion controllers; they feature circular trackpads similar to the Steam Controller.

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In January 2019 at CES, HTC unveiled the Vive Pro Eye, which adds built-in eye tracking.

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HTC Vive promoted that the displays had "minimal motion blur" and that they had "virtually eliminated" the screen-door effect.

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HTC Vive Focus is a standalone headset which does not require a computer to operate.

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In February 2019, HTC announced the Vive Focus Plus, a refresh model with updated motion controllers that support six degrees of freedom, and design tweaks for improved weight distribution.

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Also at CES 2019, HTC announced the Vive Cosmos, which began shipping on 3 October 2019.

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In February 2020, HTC announced additional Vive Cosmos SKUs, with different faceplates and accessories included for specific use cases;.

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In November 2016, HTC Vive announced that it would begin the first retail sales of its headsets at JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman stores in Australia later that month.

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Since the launch of Vive, HTC has increasingly targeted its products towards the business market.

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In 2021, HTC Vive General Manager Dan O'Brien stated that "the consumer market has gravitated toward these artificially subsidized price points that really only one company in the world [Facebook] has any tolerance for", and that "the enterprise and professional market is a very healthy and rapidly growing market where we can bring real value and solutions.

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