85 Facts About Ian Botham

1. Ian Botham can be an energized soccer enthusiast and backings Chelsea and Scottish soccer team Rangers.

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2. Ian Botham utilized to reside in Epworth and presently he resides in Almeria, Spain, where he is the owner of two homes.

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3. Ian Botham was created on November 24th, 1955, in Heswall, Cheshire.

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4. Ian Botham became a talented footballer and he produced 11 performances of Football group in Scunthrope United.

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5. Ian Botham had become known as one of the most effective all rounder in the Check Cricket.

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6. Ian Botham mentions in his autobiography that he overheard Chappell talking of "rubbishing England" rather loudly.

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7. Ian Botham told his mate: "Listen, Viv, from now on, you take the wickets and I'll score the runs.

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8. Ian Botham appeared at a number of pro-leave campaign events in the run-up the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum, 2016.

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9. Ian Botham is a staunch supporter of Britain's withdrawal from the European Union.

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10. In 1976, in Doncaster, Ian Botham married Kathryn Waller (now Lady Botham) whom he first met in June 1974.

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11. Ian Botham was the subject of This Is Your Life in 1981 when he was surprised by Eamonn Andrews.

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12. Ian Botham said: "To be named amongst 55 of the most prolific players in cricketing history is a great honour for me.

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13. Ian Botham made eleven appearances in the Football League for Scunthorpe.

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14. Ian Botham summarised Botham as an exciting cricketer who lacked self-discipline.

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15. Since the Second World War, Ian Botham is one of perhaps a dozen or so world-class all-rounders whereas there have been numerous world-class specialists.

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16. Ian Botham ended with 383 wickets in 102 matches while Hadlee extended the record to 431 in 86 matches.

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17. Ian Botham extended the record to 373 in 94 matches before he was overtaken by Richard Hadlee.

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18. Ian Botham held the world record for the greatest number of Test wickets from 21 August 1986 to 12 November 1988.

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19. Ian Botham took part in three editions of the Cricket World Cup: 1979, 1983 and 1992.

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20. Ian Botham scored 2 and 6, cheaply dismissed each time by the pace of Waqar Younis.

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21. In 1992, Ian Botham joined County Championship newcomers Durham and he played in the first two Tests against Pakistan, the second one at Lord's being his final Test appearance.

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22. Ian Botham captured two wickets and one of them was Sachin Tendulkar.

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23. Ian Botham played in the World Cup in Australia and in the third Test in New Zealand.

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24. Ian Botham returned in May 1989 and, bowling well in the County Championship, helped Worcestershire to a second successive title.

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25. Ian Botham was unfit for most of the 1988 season and played in only four first-class and seven limited overs matches during April and May He did not play for England.

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26. Ian Botham scored several half-centuries and took a reasonable number of wickets and helped Queensland make the Sheffield Shield final.

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27. Ian Botham played in the five 1987 Tests against Pakistan, the last time he represented England in a full series.

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28. Ian Botham played in four Tests and England won the Ashes for the last time until 2005.

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29. Ian Botham was succeeded by Peter Roebuck as Somerset captain for 1986 but, during the season, tensions arose in the Somerset dressing room which eventually exploded into a full-scale row and resulted in the sacking by the club of Botham's friends Viv Richards and Joel Garner.

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30. Ian Botham played in 18 Tests from 1984 to 1986, ten of them against West Indies.

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31. Ian Botham left Pakistan after the first Test there, the one England lost, to have a knee problem investigated at home.

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32. Ian Botham scored 138 in the first Test, sharing in a sixth wicket partnership of 232 with Derek Randall, but the match was drawn.

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33. Ian Botham scored two centuries against India: 128 at Old Trafford and his career high 208 at The Oval.

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34. Ian Botham played for England in the 1983 Cricket World Cup and was a member of their losing team in the semi-final.

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35. Ian Botham ended the season with 67 wickets at 25.55, a best return of six for 90 and one 10wM (sixth Test).

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36. Ian Botham took no wickets but provided Viv Richards with good support in the run chase.

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37. The last Test at The Oval was drawn, Ian Botham achieving a 10wM by taking six for 125 and four for 128.

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38. Ian Botham continued to play for England under Brearley and achieved the highpoint of his career in the next three Tests as England recovered to win The Ashes.

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39. Ian Botham took the most wickets for England, but Wisden said "his bowling never recovered the full rhythm of a year before".

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40. Ian Botham led England on the controversial tour of the West Indies from January to April 1981.

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41. Ian Botham led England in twelve Tests in 1980 and 1981 but he was unsuccessful, the team achieving no wins, eight draws and four defeats under his leadership.

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42. Ian Botham was a member of the England team and played in all three matches which, rightly or wrongly, count towards his Test statistics.

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43. Ian Botham scored 33 and then took two for 86 and five for 70.

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44. Ian Botham played in the Gillette Cup final at Lord's, in which they defeated Northamptonshire by 45 runs, thanks to a century by Viv Richards.

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45. Ian Botham was again an infrequent member of the Somerset team because of the World Cup and the Test series against India.

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46. Ian Botham played for England in the 1979 Cricket World Cup and was a member of their losing team in the final.

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47. Ian Botham took 23 wickets at 24.65 with a best return of four for 42.

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48. Ian Botham had an indifferent game there and England, twice bowled out by Hadlee, lost by 72 runs.

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49. Ian Botham took part in all three LOIs and in some of the first-class matches against club teams.

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50. Ian Botham was almost fully recovered from his foot injury but did not play in any of the Tests.

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51. Ian Botham was unable to play again in the 1977 season.

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52. Ian Botham made amends with the ball by taking five for 21 in only eleven overs, Australia being bowled out for only 103.

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53. Ian Botham was bowled third ball by Ray Bright without scoring.

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54. Ian Botham had no joy in Australia's second innings with none for 60.

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55. Ian Botham came in at number eight on day three and scored 25 before he was bowled by Max Walker.

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56. Ian Botham made his Test debut at Trent Bridge on 28 July 1977 in the third Test against Australia.

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57. Ian Botham took 22 more wickets, including two 5wI, in the next three County Championship games before his Test debut.

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58. Ian Botham produced a number of good batting and bowling performances for Somerset in 1977 and these impressed the Test selectors who included him in the team for the third Test against Australia at Trent Bridge, starting on 28 July.

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59. Ian Botham bowled three very expensive overs, conceding 31 runs, but he did manage to bowl out Michael Holding for his second international wicket.

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60. Ian Botham bowled only three overs and took some punishment from Richards, his return being one for 26.

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61. Ian Botham had the consolation of taking his first international wicket when he had Lawrence Rowe caught by Mike Hendrick for 10.

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62. Ian Botham scored only one before he was caught by Roy Fredericks off the bowling of his future Sky Sports colleague Michael Holding.

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63. Ian Botham was number seven in the batting order and came in at 136 for five to join Graham Barlow.

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64. Ian Botham scored his maiden first-class century at Trent Bridge on Tuesday 3 August 1976 in the County Championship game against Nottinghamshire who won the toss and decided to bat first.

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65. Ian Botham took five for 125 in the second innings for a match analysis of 11 for 150, his maiden 10wM.

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66. Ian Botham took 33 wickets with a best of four for 41.

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67. Ian Botham had four 5wI and, for the first time, ten wickets in a match.

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68. Ian Botham took 32 wickets with a best of three for 34.

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69. Ian Botham took 62 wickets, doubling his 1974 tally, with a best of five for 69, his only 5wI that season.

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70. Ian Botham played in 22 first-class and 23 List A matches so it was a busy season for him.

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71. Ian Botham showed great promise in 1974, his first full season in which Somerset finished fifth in the County Championship and a close second to Leicestershire in the JPL.

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72. Ian Botham took seven in the match which Somerset won by 179 runs, largely thanks to Close who scored 59 and 114*.

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73. Ian Botham made 59 in Somerset's first innings against Middlesex at Taunton, the highest individual score in a low-scoring match which Somerset won by 73 runs.

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74. Ian Botham hit two sixes and made 45*, enabling Somerset to win by one wicket.

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75. Ian Botham was facing the West Indian fast bowler Andy Roberts who delivered a bouncer which hit him in the mouth.

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76. Ian Botham was number nine in Somerset's batting order and came in with his team struggling at 113 for 7.

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77. Ian Botham bowled only three overs and his figures were none for 15; he held one catch to dismiss Jack Simmons.

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78. Ian Botham batted at number seven and scored 13 before being caught.

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79. Ian Botham had his first bowling success when he dismissed Geoff Howarth lbw.

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80. Ian Botham became captain of their under-16 cricket team when he was thirteen.

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81. Ian Botham joined the Boys' Brigade where more sporting opportunities were available.

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82. Ian Botham is a keen golfer and his other pastimes include angling and shooting.

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83. Ian Botham chose cricket but, even so, he did play professional football for a few seasons and made eleven appearances in the Football League for Scunthorpe United.

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84. Ian Botham has a wide range of sporting interests outside cricket.

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85. Ian Botham generally fielded close to the wicket, predominantly in the slips.

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