7 Facts About Ian Chappell

1. In recent years, Ian Chappell has been a high-profile activist for better treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian government, in particular its policy of mandatory detention.

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2. In 2006, Ian Chappell released an anthology of his cricket writings entitled A Golden Age.

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3. In 2005, Ian Chappell became a member of the ACA executive.

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4. Throughout his career, Ian Chappell found the ACB obdurate in his attempts to make a living from the game.

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5. In the last Test at the Oval, Ian Chappell scored 192 from 367 balls to set up an apparent victory.

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6. In 1976, Ian Chappell wrote about his attitude to the opposition:.

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7. On this tour, Ian Chappell clashed with cricket administrators over pay and conditions for the first time.

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