10 Facts About IFPI


IFPI's mission is to promote the value of recorded music, campaign for record producer rights, and expand the commercial uses of recorded music.

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IFPI is governed by its Main Board, a group including representatives from across the organisation's members, representatives from certain IFPI National Groups and the organisation's CEO.

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IFPI was appointed the chief executive with a term effective from 1 July 2010.

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IFPI replaced John Kennedy, who had headed the organisation since 2005 and was one of the co-producers of Live Aid and Live8.

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IFPI was awarded an MBE in the Queen's Birthday Honours List in 2021 for her services to the music industry.

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IFPI described its mission as representing "the interests of the recording industry worldwide in all fora" by promoting legislation and copyrights and "to protect the largely British-based recording industry" by promoting a global performance right in gramophone sound recordings.

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IFPI lobbied at the Rome Convention for the Protection of Performers, Producers of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organisations of 1961, which established an international standard for the protection of sound recordings, live performances and broadcasts.

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In 1989, the IFPI was designated the registration authority for ISRC codes.

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IFPI publishes a list of the top 10 best-performing global singles and albums each year.

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In March 2022 IFPI launched the first ever Global Vinyl Album Chart, topped by Adele's 30.

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