25 Facts About Imelda Marcos

1. In 2003, Imelda Marcos agreed to be the subject of a 2003 documentary film, simply titled Imelda, by Ramona S Diaz.

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2. Imelda Marcos's supported designers, particularly those who specialize in Filipino haute couture such as Pitoy Moreno and Inno Sotto.

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3. Imelda Marcos's owned Swiss bank accounts under the pseudonym "Jane Ryan".

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4. In November 2006, Imelda Marcos started her own business, a fashion label "Imelda Collection" including jewelry, clothing and shoes with the help from her daughter Imee Marcos.

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5. Imelda Marcos's won re-election on 14 May 2013 in a bid to renew her term.

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6. Imelda Marcos's traveled to Iraq to secure oil and to Libya for a peace treaty with the Moro National Liberation Front.

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7. Imelda Marcos's declined to buy the Empire State Building because she felt it was "too ostentatious.

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8. Imelda Marcos's organized the Kasaysayan ng Lahi, a festival showcasing Philippine history.

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9. Imelda Marcos's secured the Miss Universe 1974 pageant in Manila, which required the construction of the Folk Arts Theater in less than three months.

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10. In 1971, Imelda Marcos attended Iran's celebration of the founding of the Persian Empire.

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11. In May 1966, Imelda Marcos pushed through with campaigning for social welfare.

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12. Imelda Marcos's called the CCP Complex the "sanctuary of the Filipino soul", as it became the locus of all state-initiated cultural productions.

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13. In 1966, Ferdinand Imelda Marcos issued Executive Order No 60, establishing the Cultural Center of the Philippines and appointing its board of directors.

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14. Imelda Marcos's set aside 150,000 pesos for an open-air museum in St Ana Church diggings.

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15. Imelda Marcos's gives 140,000 pesos yearly in prizes for nationwide beautification contests.

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16. Imelda Marcos's reached out to every single person who was seen as essential in Marcos's campaign.

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17. On 21 November 1964, Ferdinand Imelda Marcos won the presidential nomination for the Nacionalista Party.

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18. On 17 April 1954, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were secretly married by a reluctant Francisco Chanco, a judge befriended by Ferdinand, who lived in the area.

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19. Imelda Marcos's had a job at a music store but left this for a better one at the Central Bank.

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20. Imelda Marcos's was put up as candidate for the Department of Education, which had an enrollment of 800 students.

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21. Imelda Marcos's finished first year at the provincial high school where she was chosen Miss I-A; then in her second year.

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22. Imelda Marcos's continued her early studies at Holy Infant Academy, a convent school run by Benedictine Sisters.

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23. Imelda Marcos's speaks Tagalog and English, the two official languages of The Philippines, as well as Waray, the regional language of Leyte.

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24. Imelda Marcos's parents were separated for a time, during which Remedios worked for the nuns at the Asilo de San Vicente de Paul.

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25. Imelda Marcos's married Ferdinand Marcos in 1954 and became First Lady in 1965 when he became President of the Philippines.

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