34 Facts About Manny Pacquiao

1. Manny Pacquiao has gone on record on what his is and, if you.

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2. Manny Pacquiao has revealed that he would be willing to take on Amir Khan in England if he is approached about facing the British boxer.

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3. Manny Pacquiao claims that he would be willing to take on Amir Khan in England.

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4. Manny Pacquiao is back from the UK and has updated his fans around the world on the trip and specifically his speeches at Oxford and Cambridge.

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5. Manny Pacquiao spoke to Oxford University students about being a fighter.

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6. Manny Pacquiao delivered an inspiring speech before the Oxford Union, the university's prestigious debating society, then spoke from the heart in a one-on-one interview on stage at a packed.

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7. Manny Pacquiao believes 'big possibility' of Floyd Mayweather rematch in 2019, says first fight 'wasn't clear'.

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8. Manny Pacquiao says there's a big possibility" he fights Mayweather in 2019.

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9. Manny Pacquiao believes a rematch against Floyd Mayweather in 2019 is "a big possibility".

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10. Manny Pacquiao believes a rematch against Floyd Mayweather in 2019 is "a big possibility".

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11. Manny Pacquiao says Floyd Mayweather rematch in 2019 is a 'big possibility' after Adrien Broner fight.

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12. As of 2015, Manny Pacquiao is currently facing a lawsuit of 5 million dollars filed against him by two fans for failing to disclose the shoulder injury in the lead up to his bout with Floyd Mayweather.

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13. In April 2017, Manny Pacquiao, now a senator, approached Philippine authorities in an attempt to settle the case.

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14. Manny Pacquiao was featured on the cover of Reader's Digest Asia, where a seven-page story was written about the Filipino boxing superstar.

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15. Manny Pacquiao was included by Forbes in its annual Celebrity 100 list for the year 2009, joining Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie and fellow athletes Tiger Woods and Bryant.

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16. Manny Pacquiao was one of Time's 100 most influential people for the year 2009, for his exploits in boxing and his influence among the Filipino people.

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17. Manny Pacquiao became the first Filipino athlete to appear on a postage stamp.

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18. Manny Pacquiao has turned to singing as part of his entertainment career.

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19. In December 2005, Manny Pacquiao took his first lead role in Violett Films' Lisensyadong Kamao.

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20. Manny Pacquiao started his acting career as an extra in some local films and guest appearances on ABS-CBN shows.

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21. Manny Pacquiao endorsed Republican Duke Aiona for Hawaii governor in 2014.

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22. On May 19, 2016, Manny Pacquiao was formally proclaimed as one of the winners of Philippine Senate seats by the Commission on Elections.

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23. Manny Pacquiao got 120,052 votes while his opponent for the seat, Roy Chiongbian, got 60,899 votes.

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24. Manny Pacquiao was picked 11th overall in the first round of the 2014 PBA draft by the Kia basketball team, being the oldest rookie to be drafted in the Philippine Basketball Association.

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25. Manny Pacquiao plays basketball as cross-training to keep himself in shape.

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26. In 2016, Manny Pacquiao was ranked second on ESPN's list of top pound for pound boxers of the past 25 years.

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27. Manny Pacquiao is a military reservist with the rank of Colonel in the Reserve Force of the Philippine Army.

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28. Manny Pacquiao enrolled for a college degree in business management at Notre Dame of Dadiangas University in his aforementioned hometown of General Santos City.

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29. Manny Pacquiao completed his elementary education at Saavedra Saway Elementary School in General Santos City, but dropped out of high school due to extreme poverty.

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30. Manny Pacquiao was born on December 17, 1978, in Kibawe, Bukidnon, Philippines.

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31. Manny Pacquiao has been considered a top contender for Philippine presidential election, 2022.

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32. In June 2016, Manny Pacquiao was elected as a senator and will serve a six-year term until 2022.

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33. In May 2010, Manny Pacquiao was elected to the House of Representatives in the 15th Congress of the Philippines, representing the province of Sarangani.

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34. In 2016, Manny Pacquiao was ranked number 2 on ESPN's list of top pound for pound boxers of the past 25 years.

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