16 Facts About Incheon


Incheon, formerly Jemulpo or Chemulp'o until the period after 1910, officially the Incheon Metropolitan City, is a city located in northwestern South Korea, bordering Seoul and Gyeonggi to the east.

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Incheon has since led the economic development of South Korea by opening its port to the outside world, ushering in the modernization of South Korea as a center of industrialization.

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Incheon was originally part of Gyeonggi Province, but was granted Directly Governed City status on 1 July 1981; the city officially separated from the province.

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Incheon was known as Inchon prior to South Korea's adoption of a new Romanization system in 2000.

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Incheon was the site of the Battle of Inchon when United States troops landed to relieve pressure on the Pusan Perimeter and to launch a United Nations offensive northward.

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Incheon was the site of the third Global Model United Nations Conference, held from 10 to 14 August 2011.

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Incheon was designated as the World Book Capital for the year 2015 by UNESCO.

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On 27 February 2007, Incheon declared itself an "English City, " and inaugurated the "Incheon Free English Zone" program.

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Incheon has a humid subtropical climate, and humid continental climate .

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Incheon's climate is about average compared to the rest of Korea, with 8 locations being cooler and 10 locations being warmer, and with 9 locations being wetter and 9 locations being drier.

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Incheon is swept by the seasonal winds as the northwesterly winds strike the city in the winter and the summer in Incheon is affected by gusts of the warm southwesterly winds.

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Incheon is a major domestic and international transport hub for Korea.

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The line has 11 stations within Incheon and connects to the Incheon Subway at Bupyeong and Juan stations.

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Incheon subway is operated by the Incheon Rapid Transit Corporation .

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Incheon is home to the following professional and semi professional sports teams:.

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The Incheon team was known to have a popular rivalry against former Bucheon SK, due to the teams' close geographical relationship.

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