15 Facts About Intercity bus


An intercity bus service or intercity coach service, called a long-distance, express, over-the-road, commercial, long-haul, or highway bus or coach service, is a public transport service using coaches to carry passengers significant distances between different cities, towns, or other populated areas.

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Intercity bus services are of prime importance in lightly populated rural areas that often have little or no public transportation.

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Intercity bus services are one of four common transport methods between cities, not all of which are available in all places.

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Intercity bus's coach had a greatly improved turning capacity and braking system, and a novel feature that prevented the wheels from falling off while the coach was in motion.

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Intercity bus began providing this service regularly in what would start a new company and industry.

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Intercity bus transport increased in speed, efficiency and popularity until the 1950s and 1960s, when as the popularity of the private automobile has increased, the use of intercity bus service has declined.

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Statistically, intercity bus service is considered to be a very safe mode of transportation.

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For most medium-haul trips curbside Intercity bus fares were less than the cost of automobile gasoline, and one tenth that of Amtrak.

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The Intercity bus was not carrying insurance, and had been operating illegally because the company had applied for authority to operate an interstate Intercity bus service, but had failed to respond to requests for additional information.

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Urban-suburban Intercity bus line is generally categorized as public transit, especially for large metropolitan transit networks.

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Intercity bus railways are available primarily in Java and Sumatra, while it is not available or underdeveloped in other parts of the country.

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Intercity bus transportation has risen dramatically in Pakistan due to the decline of Pakistan Railways and the unaffordable prices of airplanes for the average Pakistani.

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Switzerland is an exception to the rule that long-distance Intercity bus lines are established especially in countries with inadequate railway network, or in areas with low population density.

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UlsterIntercity bus connect places in Northern Ireland which are no longer on the railway network.

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In some regions, data has shown that intercity bus routes have transported over ten times the number of passengers carried by intercity trains on the same competing routes.

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