13 Facts About Ivalice


Ivalice is a fictional universe setting primarily appearing in the Final Fantasy video game series.

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Ivalice is described as a complex world with a very long history, and the stories of Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story and Final Fantasy XII all take place in it.

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The 'true' Ivalice, as witnessed in the remaining games, describes two distinct locations; a geographical region, and a smaller kingdom, both of which belong to a larger, unnamed world.

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Ivalice was created by Yasumi Matsuno as a fictional world with its own identity; a medieval-like world where magic and machine exist together.

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Executive producer Akitoshi Kawazu explained that the aim of the Ivalice Alliance is to "spread the word about the world of Ivalice", and to bring more players into the franchise, with new titles not restricted to the standard role-playing game genre but tactical games and games similar to Vagrant Story.

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Grin reconceived the game in the recurring Final Fantasy world of Ivalice, and included elements of Final Fantasy XII such as stylistic motifs and character designs; additional elements included chocobos and other recurring creatures from the Final Fantasy series.

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In Final Fantasy XII, Ivalice covers three continents, Ordalia, Valendia and Kerwon.

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In Final Fantasy XII, the continents in Ivalice are presently home to three nations: Rozarria, Archadia and Dalmasca.

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In Final Fantasy XII, the Light of Kiltia, a polytheistic religion, is the dominant church in Ivalice, having influence in the political affairs of the region around the Galtean Peninsula.

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Timeline of Ivalice as presented in the games was left quite vague, and formerly other official sources had said little on the matter.

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Additionally, a quotation from Arazlam J Durai, a famous historian of Ivalice who lived 400 years after the War of the Lions, is used at the beginning of the game, and the descriptions of several items make direct reference to the same story.

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Ivalice as featured in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is populated by four main intelligent races in addition to Humes; all of them reappearing in Final Fantasy XII.

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Also known as "Espers" to those on Ivalice, they are powerful entities created from anima, spiritual energy.

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