24 Facts About Jackie Milburn

1. Cousin to the mother of Jack and Bobby Charlton, Jackie Milburn played two trial matches at St James' Park as a 19-year-old in 1943.

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2. In total, Jackie Milburn played in three FA Cup winning finals for United; 1951, 1952 and 1955.

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3. Jackie Milburn remains Newcastle's second highest goalscorer, having scored 200 competitive goals.

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4. Jackie Milburn died of lung cancer on 9 October 1988, aged 64.

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5. Jackie Milburn was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in October 2006.

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6. Jackie Milburn was born on 11 May 1924 in the upstairs flat of his grandparents' house at 14 Sixth Row in Ashington to Annie Thompson and Alexander ("Alec") Jackie Milburn.

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7. Alexander Jackie Milburn worked as a coal cutter at the nearby colliery.

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8. When he was eight years old, Jackie Milburn was given his first pair of football boots as a Christmas present from his parents and from that point "football dominated his life".

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9. When he was twelve, Jackie Milburn moved to Hirst East Senior Boys School and was selected to play right-wing for the school football team.

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10. At sixteen, Jackie Milburn accepted an apprenticeship as a fitter at a local colliery.

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11. Jackie Milburn was then instructed to run poorly in the semi-final so to artificially conflate his handicap in the 1941 renewal, where his odds would be higher and he would be better prepared.

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12. Jackie Milburn arrived long before the 2pm kick-off with a pair of borrowed football boots wrapped in brown paper, and his lunch – two pies and a bottle of pop.

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13. Jackie Milburn attended his first training session the day after his signing, and immediately impressed his new teammates by out-sprinting Albert Stubbins in a 100-yard dash.

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14. Jackie Milburn continued to combine his football career with his work at the colliery.

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15. Jackie Milburn made guest appearances for Sheffield United during the season.

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16. Jackie Milburn scored a hat-trick, prompting the Sunday Sun to write: "Jackie Milburn's refreshing pace and enterprise dominated proceedings.

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17. Jackie Milburn missed the match as he sat at Windsor Park as an unused substitute for England.

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18. Jackie Milburn settled "a terrific meeting" with two second half goals; the first after a sharp turn and shot from 15 yards and the second saw him beat the offside trap to run clear and score.

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19. Jackie Milburn was denied a hat-trick when a late header struck the bar and rebounded to safety.

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20. On 3 May 1952, Newcastle and Jackie Milburn travelled to Wembley to play Arsenal in the FA Cup final.

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21. Whereabouts of the third statue had caused some local consternation in 2011, when the local newspaper recounted a fibreglass statue of Jackie Milburn located outside St James' Park between 1996 and 1998, but which had since vanished.

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22. In 1987, Jackie Milburn was voted the 'greatest post-war North East footballer' by the local press.

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23. In 2006, Jackie Milburn was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in recognition of his contribution to English football.

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24. In 1947, Jackie Milburn was staying at a Letchworth hotel with his Newcastle teammates, when he met Laura Blackwood – a silver-service waitress working at the hotel.

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