19 Facts About Jagatsinghpur district


Deltaic and partly littoral; the district of Jagatsinghpur is triangular in shape and small in geographical proportions.

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Jagatsinghpur district, being on the Odisha Coastal Plain, has much of the same history as the rest of Coastal Odisha.

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Legend says the name of Jagatsinghpur district has come into existence as a revenue village, either in Mughal or Maratha rule after the name of Jagatsingh, the son of Bhagat Singh, an Amildar in Cuttack-Puri Sarkar or Cuttack Chakada since 1786.

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Jagatsinghpur district collected the Peshkush and Nazrana and remained an unchallenged and uninterrupted administrator for a pretty long period.

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The then Jagatsinghpur district became more prominent than Hariharpur for which the British administration renamed Hariharpur Thana as Jagatsinghpur district Thana.

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Jagatsinghpur district established its importance after it became a Thana and then the British rule declared Jagatsinghpur district as a Sub-division in 1866 but the status of Sub-division was withdrawn in 1874 on account of low revenue collection.

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The new Jagatsinghpur district was inaugurated by the then Chief Minister Biju Patnaik in an auspicious ceremony.

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The Jagatsinghpur district had its contribution to the Civil Disobedience movement.

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The centres of salt Satyagraha in the Jagatsinghpur district were Chatua, Kaliapata, Paradeep, Erasama and Daradia.

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Religious belief and rituals of the people find expression in the archaeological monuments of the Jagatsinghpur district which includes temples and images of various pantheons.

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All Tirthankara images found in Jagatsinghpur district are in Kayotsarga Mudra and they probably belong to the 9th -10th century AD.

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Jagatsinghpur district is eight-armed and is being driven on a chariot by seven swines.

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The Jagatsinghpur district is prone to cyclonic rainfalls during the monsoons.

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The Jagatsinghpur district has a population density of 682 inhabitants per square kilometre.

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Jagatsinghpur district is known for the Sarala Temple and is known as the cultural heart of Odisha.

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The Jagatsinghpur district has theatre groups which keep the old tradition of live acting before a crowd.

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The Jagatsinghpur district's rainfall is mainly erratic, uneven and long dry spell causes agricultural drought.

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Economy of the Jagatsinghpur district is dependent on agriculture, the main occupation of bulk of the population.

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The port town of the Jagatsinghpur district has already emerged as the one of the country's major investment hot spot by attracting investment in excess of the tune of 3.

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