5 Facts About Bhagat Singh

1. Four years after Bhagat Singh's hanging, the Director of the Intelligence Bureau, Sir Horace Williamson, wrote: "His photograph was on sale in every city and township and for a time rivaled in popularity even that of Mr Gandhi himself".

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2. Subhas Chandra Bose said that: "Bhagat Singh had become the symbol of the new awakening among the youths.

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3. On 8 April 1929, Bhagat Singh, accompanied by Batukeshwar Dutt, threw two bombs into the Assembly chamber from its public gallery while it was in session.

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4. At the station, Bhagat Singh managed to conceal his identity while buying tickets, and the three boarded the train heading to Cawnpore.

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5. In 1923, Bhagat Singh joined the National College in Lahore, where he participated in extra-curricular activities like the dramatics society.

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