5 Facts About James Brokenshire

1. In December 2017, James Brokenshire noted blood in his cough and went underwent testing that discovered that he had early stage lung cancer.

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2. In January 2014, James Brokenshire called on National Rail to improve its services, after statistics were published revealing that rail services across Bexley Borough had worsened throughout 2013.

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3. In October 2013, James Brokenshire published a draft of a proposed Modern Slavery Bill, designed to tackle slavery in the UK He was quoted as saying that the Bill will "send the strongest possible message to criminals that if you are involved in this disgusting trade in human beings, you will be arrested, you will be prosecuted and you will be locked up.

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4. From 2005 to 2006, James Brokenshire was a member of the House of Commons Constitutional Affairs Select Committee.

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5. Born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, James Brokenshire studied law at the University of Exeter before beginning work with a large international law firm.

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