54 Facts About Jamie Carragher

1. Jamie Carragher said this season that Hazard is "the best player in the league" and "he is an absolute superstar".

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2. Jamie Carragher has told Sky Sports, during their live coverage of Everton's match against Chelsea, that Richarlison impressed him at Stamford Bridge.

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3. Jamie Carragher reacts to Antonio Rudiger's dive during tussle with Bernard.

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4. Jamie Carragher believes that Manchester City getting distracted by the Champions League represents Liverpool FC's best chance of Premier League glory this season.

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5. Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher noted this change on Monday Night Football, commenting on how his decision making has improved since joining Chelsea and how he liked his authority in taking control of certain situations.

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6. Jamie Carragher comes to the defence of Raheem Sterling over penalty incident.

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7. Jamie Carragher believes Raheem Sterling made the right decision to leave Liverpool for Manchester City.

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8. Jamie Carragher says Raheem Sterling was right to join Manchester CityLiverpool fans react.

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9. Jamie Carragher says Raheem Sterling has proven his decision to leave Liverpool right.

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10. Jamie Carragher believes this season's Champions League fixtures have worked favourably for Liverpool and they're at the top of European football to stay.

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11. Jamie Carragher believes Raheem Sterling "deserves everything he gets" from Manchester City in relation to a new contract.

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12. Jamie Carragher says Liverpool can pip Manchester City to the Premier League title, but only if City are distracted by the Champions League.

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13. Jamie Carragher explains what Liverpool need to hope for to win title.

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14. Jamie Carragher reveals how Liverpool can beat 'better' Man City to Premier League title.

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15. Jamie Carragher told Monday Night Football why Raheem Sterling deserves "everything he gets" as he prepares to sign a new deal at Manchester City.

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16. Jamie Carragher has expressed his belief that Liverpool can win the league this season and urges the Reds' fans to relax about the situation.

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17. Jamie Carragher has urged Liverpool FC supporters to stay relaxed in the Premier League title race after falling two points behind leaders Manchester City.

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18. Jamie Carragher is an occasional sports columnist for the Daily Mail.

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19. On 11 May 2010, it was announced that Jamie Carragher had been named in Fabio Capello's preliminary 30-man squad for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

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20. On 9 July 2007 it was reported that Jamie Carragher was considering retiring from the England squad.

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21. Jamie Carragher was one of three players to have a penalty saved by Portugal's Ricardo Pereira, as England yet again succumbed to a penalty shoot-out exit in the quarter-finals.

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22. In 1996, Jamie Carragher made his first appearance for the England U-21 side.

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23. On 7 February 2013, Jamie Carragher announced that he would be retiring at the end of the season, stating "It has been a privilege and honour to represent this great club for as long as I have and I am immensely proud to have done so since I was 9.

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24. In his autobiography, Jamie Carragher admitted that "I always felt close to Gerard", and was full of praise for the French manager during the early part of his reign.

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25. Jamie Carragher claims Raheem Sterling is as important to Manchester City as any other player.

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26. Jamie Carragher says Liverpool can't afford to panic in the title race, but thinks the Reds only have one chance of finishing above Manchester City.

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27. Jamie Carragher reveals "the only chance" Liverpool have of winning the league.

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28. Jamie Carragher believes that Man City are the best side in the Premier League, but he isn't ruling out Liverpool's chances of winning the title this season.

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29. Jamie Carragher has insisted that Anthony Martial must develop greater consistency in his game to be considered level with the Premier League's best wingers.

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30. Jamie Carragher has taken to Twitter to give his reaction to Liverpool's draw with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday evening.

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31. Jamie Carragher has spoken of the task facing Liverpool—and other title contenders—believing a potential 'era of domination' from Manchester City and Pep Guardiola could be happening.

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32. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher had yet another debate on Monday Night Football, this time about Tottenham and Mauricio Pochettino.

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33. Jamie Carragher Has there ever been a Premier League star who splits opinion more than Mesut Ozil? Ozil is a traditional 'number 10' in an era where elite clubs want multi-functional strikers and midfielders.

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34. Jamie Carragher believes Ross Barkley has become mentally stronger since moving to Chelsea FC.

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35. Jamie Carragher details key difference between Liverpool and Tottenham—leading to heated Gary Neville argument.

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36. Jamie Carragher has become a patron to the Alder Hey Charity.

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37. Jamie Carragher is married to his childhood sweetheart, Nicola Hart, and has two children.

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38. Jamie Carragher appeared in both of England's opening World Cup games, receiving a booking in each which resulted in a one-match ban.

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39. In August 2015, Jamie Carragher visited "Carragher's", a pub dedicated to his career at Liverpool, on West 39th street, Manhattan, New York.

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40. In 2012, Jamie Carragher won a third League Cup with Liverpool.

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41. On 24 February 2011, Jamie Carragher made his 137th European appearance in a match against Sparta Prague at Anfield, setting a new British record.

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42. On 24 October 2010, Jamie Carragher scored his seventh own goal in the Premier League.

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43. On 9 December 2006, Jamie Carragher scored his first league goal since January 1999, in a match against Fulham at Anfield.

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44. In May 2006, Jamie Carragher played in the FA Cup Final against West Ham United, his tenth final in as many years of club football.

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45. Jamie Carragher was nominated for football's most prestigious individual accolade, the Ballon d'Or, in 2005.

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46. Jamie Carragher was subsequently awarded the Liverpool Player of the Year Award at the end of the campaign, and went on to captain the team to their UEFA Super Cup victory over CSKA Moscow.

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47. Born in Bootle, Merseyside, Jamie Carragher attended the FA's school of excellence in Lilleshall in his youth.

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48. Jamie Carragher holds the record for the most appearances in European competition for Liverpool with 150.

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49. Jamie Carragher highlights incredible fact about Mauricio Pochettino's time as Spurs manager.

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50. Jamie Carragher has hammered Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy on Sky Sports prior to Spurs' loss against Manchester City, but was full of praise for Mauricio Pochettino.

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51. Jamie Carragher thinks Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley will become "a must" in the England set-up if he keeps improving mentally.

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52. Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher passionately debate Tottenham's transfer policy.

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53. Jamie Carragher has detailed the task facing Liverpool—and other title contenders—after predicting a potential 'era of domination' from Manchester City and Pep Guardiola.

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54. Jamie Carragher details size of Liverpool title-winning task—and reveals what Reds must do to topple Man City.

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