5 Facts About Jeff Foxworthy

1. In a 2012 interview, Jeff Foxworthy revealed that "rather than going and sitting in a service for an hour every Sunday and that being extent of my faith, it's more important that I live it out.

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2. In the early 2000s, Jeff Foxworthy had a career resurgence as a result of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, in which he and three other comedians, specializing in common-man comedy, toured the country, and performed for record crowds.

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3. In 1998, Jeff Foxworthy appeared on the mock talk show Space Ghost Coast to Coast, where he attempts to explain his famous "You might be a Redneck" joke to Space Ghost, yet fails entirely.

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4. In 2001, Jeff Foxworthy received a nomination for Best Spoken Comedy Album at the 43rd Annual Grammys.

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5. At the urging of IBM co-workers, Jeff Foxworthy entered and won the Great Southeastern Laugh-off at Atlanta's Punchline comedy club in 1984.

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