51 Facts About Jemele Hill

1. Jemele Hill said sports have historically been ahead of the rest of society when it comes to breaking barriers, acknowledging the fact that Thursday would have been Jackie Robinson's 100th birthday.

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2. Jemele Hill was joined by track and field star Tommie Smith, who famously raised his fist in a Black Power salute from the Olympic podium after winning a gold medal in 1968.

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3. Jemele Hill said she doesn't listen to those who tell her: "stick to sports.

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4. Jemele Hill has many friends and associates who she mingled with at NABJ conferences over the years and who remain loyal friends even if out of the journalism profession.

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5. Jemele Hill would end up moving in with her grandmother in Southfield, a Detroit suburb, as a high-schooler, to get away from her mother.

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6. In 1980, five years after Jemele Hill was born, she and her mother Denise Dennard moved to Houston.

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7. Jemele Hill described how her mother found Brickerson with a needle in one arm and baby Hill in the other.

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8. Jemele Hill is deliberately keeping about the identity of her current boyfriend private.

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9. Jemele Hill is not yet married but there were some rumors that she was dating Ray Lewis who is her co-worker.

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10. Jemele Hill often posted a romantic picture of her boyfriend on Instagram but openly she never talked about him.

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11. Jemele Hill is the first recipient of McKenzie cup, given in tribute to sports editor Van McKenzie.

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12. Jemele Hill served as a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel from 2005 to 2006.

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13. Jemele Hill was born on 21st December 1975 in Michigan, USA and grew up in Detroit.

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14. On Monday, ESPN's Jemele Hill dropped some jewels on Twitter in which she called the president of the United States a "white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself with other white supremacists.

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15. Jemele Hill manages to stir the hornet's nest on Twitter, just like the Twitter-happy President.

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16. In 2006, Jemele Hill joined ESPN as a national columnist for their site.

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17. Jemele Hill reportedly met her boyfriend, whose identity she keeps hidden and is known on social media as "Ol' Boy", at Michigan State.

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18. Jemele Hill went to Mumford High School in Detroit where she honed her passion for journalism.

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19. Jemele Hill supposedly voiced out what fans think about Jones' decision on Twitter.

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20. Jemele Hill was named Journalist of the year 2018 by the National Association of Black Journalists in recognition of "a distinguished body of work with extraordinary depthm scope and significance to the people of the African Diaspora.

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21. Jemele Hill was awarded with Inaugural Mckenzie Cup in 2007 in honor of sports editor Van Mckenzie at the annual Poynter Media Summit.

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22. On September 11, 2017 Jemele Hill made a series of tweets about President Donald Trump.

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23. Jemele Hill completed her schooling from Mumford High School in 1993.

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24. Jemele Hill was born to a father Jerel Brickerson and a mother Denise Dennard on December 21, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan, United States.

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25. Jemele Hill has cemented herself as one of the best in business.

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26. Jemele Hill described her outlook on co-hosting the discussion on Twitter.

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27. Jemele Hill is a proud alum and speaks often about her love for the Spartans.

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28. Jemele Hill wrote an article for The Root detailing how sports helped her escape the challenges her family faced.

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29. Jemele Hill wrote for her high school newspaper and started working for the Detroit Free Press during high school.

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30. Jemele Hill found solace in sports and eventually in sports writing.

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31. Jemele Hill joined the Detroit Free Press where she covered football and basketball from 1999 to 2005.

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32. Jemele Hill spoke with Awful Announcing about the purpose of the show.

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33. Jemele Hill is a member of the National Association of Black Journalists.

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34. Jemele Hill is an American sports journalist who is best known for writing a column for ESPN.

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35. Jemele Hill has made her politics clear on her Twitter page.

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36. Jemele Hill found that she had been removed from the rolls", Ruth Steinhardt reported on GW Today.

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37. Jemele Hill has the most respect for the hero Kaepernick, but unfortunately her respect doesn't undo Kaepernick's true martyrdom: he's unlikely to play football for the NFL ever again, but his actions as a martyr could effect, and have affected, more change than any working quarterback ever could.

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38. Jemele Hill showed up for The Late Show ready to be interviewed.

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39. Jemele Hill talks Trump's war of words 'I was super impressed he spelled my name right'.

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40. Jemele Hill made headlines when she got that BAG leaving her longtime home at ESPN, and now she's back at The Breakfast Club for the first time since she left the network to talk about how life's been treating her since.

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41. Jemele Hill caught the wrath of President Donald Trump after openly criticizing him via Twitter at the expense of her standing with sports cable network ESPN.

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42. Jemele Hill found herself in the spotlight last year after she criticized Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on Twitter for threatening to bench NFL players who kneeled during the national anthem to protest racial inequality.

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43. Jemele Hill joked that Ingraham inadvertently gave her "another check" with her dismissive remark.

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44. In 2018, Jemele Hill was named journalist of the year by the National Association of Black Journalists, in recognition of "a distinguished body of work with extraordinary depth, scope and significance to the people of the African Diaspora.

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45. In 2007, Jemele Hill won the inaugural McKenzie Cup, awarded in honor of sports editor Van McKenzie, at the annual Poynter Media Summit.

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46. On January 25, 2018, ESPN announced that Jemele Hill would anchor her final SC6 on February 2 and begin a new role at The Undefeated, the company's website that covers the intersections of sports and race.

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47. On September 11, 2017, Jemele Hill made a series of tweets critical of President Donald Trump, including describing him as a "white supremacist.

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48. Jemele Hill worked as a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel from 2005 to 2006.

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49. Jemele Hill graduated from Mumford High School in 1993, then from Michigan State University in 1997.

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50. Jemele Hill remained in that role until February 2018, when she moved to ESPN's website The Undefeated.

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51. Jemele Hill is a staff writer for The Atlantic covering sports, race, politics, and culture.

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