18 Facts About Jemele Hill


Jemele Juanita Hill is an American sports journalist.


Jemele Hill joined ESPN in 2006 and worked in various roles until 2013, when she succeeded Jalen Rose as host of ESPN2's Numbers Never Lie.


Jemele Hill sparked a controversy in 2017 with a series of tweets critical of President Donald Trump including describing him as a white supremacist.


Jemele Hill was later suspended for two weeks for a second violation of ESPN's social media policy when she suggested fans of the Dallas Cowboys boycott the team's sponsors in retaliation for Jerry Jones' stance on players kneeling during the national anthem.


In 2018, Jemele Hill left her role as co-host of SC6 and joined the ESPN website, The Undefeated.


Jemele Hill left ESPN shortly afterward to work as a contributing writer for The Atlantic.


Jemele Hill is the co-founder of the film and production company Lodge Freeway Media and published her autobiography Uphill: A Memoir in 2022.

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Jemele Hill graduated from Mumford High School in 1993, and from Michigan State University in 1997.


Jemele Hill worked as a columnist for the Orlando Sentinel from 2005 to 2006.


Jemele Hill joined ESPN in November 2006 as a national columnist on ESPN.


Jemele Hill made regular appearances on television, including SportsCenter and several ESPN programs, including ESPN First Take, Outside the Lines and The Sports Reporters.


In July 2020, Jemele Hill wrote a long article detailing her deep regret for the Hitler reference.


Jemele Hill wrote that she felt embarrassed about it immediately after she was called out on it, and still feels embarrassed about it more than a decade later.


Jemele Hill suggested fans upset with Jerry Jones' threat to bench any player who does "anything that is disrespectful to the flag" should boycott the advertisers who support Jones and the Dallas Cowboys.


In 2020, Jemele Hill launched a twice-weekly podcast with Van Lathan on The Ringer called Way Down in the Hole, which recaps each episode of HBO's The Wire.


Jemele Hill is the co-founder of a film and television production company named Lodge Freeway Media.


Jemele Hill played herself in the 2021 sports drama film National Champions.


In 2007, Jemele Hill won the inaugural McKenzie Cup, awarded in honor of sports editor Van McKenzie, at the annual Poynter Media Summit.