54 Facts About Jerry Brown

1. Governor Jerry Brown said, "Now is the time to pull together for the people of California.

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2. Jerry Brown tours damage done to Paradise Elementary School by the Camp fire After touring the site of the Camp fire in Paradise, Calif.

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3. Jerry Brown swings back at Trump: Climate change is propelling California's fires, governor says.

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4. Jerry Brown says massive fires are 'the new abnormal' for California.

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5. Jerry Brown has a mixed record when it comes to business policy.

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6. Jerry Brown is holding a press conference in Chico, Calif.

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7. Jerry Brown has picked one of his senior advisers to fill a long-running vacancy on the California Supreme Court.

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8. Jerry Brown picks senior adviser Joshua Groban to fill vacancy on the California Supreme Court.

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9. Jerry Brown acted Wednesday to fill the longest vacancy in California Supreme Court history by nominating his senior legal adviser, Joshua Groban, to the court.

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10. Jerry Brown said California is requesting aid from the Trump administration.

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11. Jerry Brown says now is a time for Californians to pull together as they face catastrophic fires at both ends of the state.

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12. Jerry Brown called the wildfires a "new normal" for California.

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13. Jerry Brown is out of state, declared a state of emergency.

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14. Governor Jerry Brown has made California a world leader in implementing policies to meet the Paris climate targets.

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15. Jerry Brown is out of state, has declared a state of emergency.

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16. Jerry Brown has pushed for more zero-emission vehicles of all types.

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17. Jerry Brown is on the watch list for the Jerry West Shooting Guard of the Year and was named to the preseason All-Big 12 team with Wade.

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18. Jerry Brown was recently tabbed to the 2019 Jerry West Shooting Guard of the Year Award Watch List, while Harper earned a spot on the 2019 Bob Cousy Point Guard of the Year Award Watch List.

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19. Jerry Brown was the main attraction at a rally for gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom Monday night in San Francisco, whipping up the crowd as he told them that the Democrat is the.

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20. Jerry Brown said the results of yesterday's election—with Democrats now controlling the House and Republicans growing their ranks in the Senate—reflect the dangerous political climate growing in the nation.

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21. Jerry Brown made a rare foray onto the midterm campaign trail on the night before Election Day, calling gubernatorial hopeful Gavin Newsom a "visionary" and a necessary check on President Trump.

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22. Jerry Brown made a rare foray onto the midterm campaign trail on the night before Election Day, calling gubernatorial hopeful Gavin Newsom a "visionary" and a necessary check.

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23. Jerry Brown campaigns for Gavin Newsom as John Cox stumps for votes in Bay Area.

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24. Jerry Brown told reporters Wednesday that he hopes to reach an agreement in about the next 30 days.

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25. Jerry Brown was the main attraction at a rally for gubernatorial candidate Gavin Newsom Monday.

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26. In April 2011, Jerry Brown had surgery to remove a basal-cell carcinoma from the right side of his nose.

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27. Jerry Brown has a long-term friendship with his aide Jacques Barzaghi, whom he met in the early 1970s and put on his payroll.

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28. In March 2005, Jerry Brown announced his engagement to his girlfriend since 1990, Anne Gust, former chief administrative officer for The Gap.

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29. Jerry Brown has been criticized for his links to the oil and gas industry, notably for contributions from, and his family ties to, Sempra Energy.

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30. Jerry Brown has opposed the Proposition 6 ballot measure to repeal the Road Repair and Accountability Act, and endorsed Gavin Newsom to succeed him.

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31. Jerry Brown responded that the cash payment upfront required by the investment would have been unfair to California taxpayers.

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32. Jerry Brown announced his bid for re-election on February 27, 2014.

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33. In July 2014, Jerry Brown traveled to Mexico to hold meetings with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and other Central American leaders about the ongoing children's immigration crisis.

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34. On June 28, 2012, Jerry Brown signed a budget that made deep cuts to social services with the assumption that voters would pass $8 billion in tax increases in November 2012 to close California's $15.7-billion budget deficit.

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35. Jerry Brown announced his candidacy for governor on March 2, 2010.

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36. In 2004, Jerry Brown expressed interest to be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General of California in the 2006 election, and in May 2004, he formally filed to run.

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37. Jerry Brown had campaigned on fixing Oakland's schools, but "bureaucratic battles" dampened his efforts.

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38. Jerry Brown continued his predecessor Elihu Harris's public policy of supporting downtown housing development in the area defined as the Central Business District in Oakland's 1998 General Plan.

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39. Upon his return from abroad in 1988, Jerry Brown announced that he would stand as a candidate to become chairman of the California Democratic Party, and won against investment banker Steve Westly.

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40. Jerry Brown received only 10 percent of the vote in the New Hampshire primary, and he was soon forced to announce that his decision to remain in the race would depend on a good showing in the Wisconsin primary.

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41. Jerry Brown opposed Kennedy's call for universal national health insurance and opposed Carter's call for an employer mandate to provide catastrophic private health insurance.

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42. Jerry Brown chose not to run for a third term in 1982, and instead ran for the United States Senate, but lost to San Diego Mayor Pete Wilson.

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43. Jerry Brown championed the Peripheral Canal project to transport water from near Sacramento around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta into the Central Valley Project, and export it to southern California.

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44. Jerry Brown completed his second term having appointed a total of five gay judges, including Rand Schrader and Jerold Krieger.

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45. Jerry Brown appointed the first openly gay judge in the United States when he named Stephen Lachs to serve on the Los Angeles County Superior Court in 1979.

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46. Jerry Brown finished third with roughly 300 delegate votes, narrowly behind Congressman Morris Udall and Carter.

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47. Jerry Brown declared: "The country is rich, but not so rich as we have been led to believe.

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48. In an interview in 2014, Jerry Brown indicated that a "war chest" would have helped his campaign for an alternative to Proposition 13.

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49. Jerry Brown was both in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment and opposed to Proposition 13, the latter of which would decrease property taxes and greatly reduce revenue to cities and counties.

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50. Jerry Brown succeeded Republican Governor Ronald Reagan, who retired after two terms.

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51. In 1955, Jerry Brown entered Santa Clara University for a year and left to attend Sacred Heart Novitiate, a Jesuit novice house in Los Gatos, intent on becoming a Catholic priest.

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52. Jerry Brown was a member of the California Cadet Corps at St Ignatius High School, where he graduated in 1955.

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53. Jerry Brown is about to do something he hasn't done in the run-up to Tuesday's election.

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54. Jerry Brown says repeal of gas tax increase is a 'scam' by 'acolytes of Donald Trump'.

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