62 Facts About Meg Whitman


Margaret Cushing Meg Whitman was born on August 4, 1956 and is the US ambassador to Kenya, an American business executive and former gubernatorial candidate for California.

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Meg Whitman was previously president and CEO of Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Meg Whitman's was the CEO of Quibi from its foundation in August 2018 until its closure in December 2020.

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Meg Whitman was a senior member of Mitt Romney's presidential campaigns in both 2008 and 2012 and ran for governor of California as a Republican in 2010, but supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 general election and Joe Biden in the 2020 general election.

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Meg Whitman was an executive in The Walt Disney Company, where she was vice president of Strategic Planning throughout the 1980s.

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In 2014, Meg Whitman was named 20th in Forbes List of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World.

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In 2008, Meg Whitman was cited by The New York Times as among the women most likely to become the first female president of the United States.

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In December 2021, Meg Whitman was nominated by President Joe Biden to serve as the United States Ambassador to Kenya.

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Meg Whitman was born in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, the daughter of Margaret Cushing and Hendricks Hallett Meg Whitman, Jr.

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Meg Whitman attended Cold Spring Harbor High School in Cold Spring Harbor, New York, graduating after three years in 1974.

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Meg Whitman's wanted to be a doctor, so she studied math and science at Princeton University.

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Meg Whitman is married to Griffith Harsh IV, Chair of Neurosurgery at the University of California, Davis, previously at Stanford University Medical Center.

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Meg Whitman's rose through the ranks to achieve the position of senior vice president.

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Meg Whitman became vice president of strategic planning at the Walt Disney Company in 1989.

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Originally, when Meg Whitman had joined eBay, she found the website as a simple black and white webpage with courier font.

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Meg Whitman's believed the site to be confusing and began by building a new executive team.

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Meg Whitman organized the company by splitting it into twenty-three business categories.

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Meg Whitman's then assigned executives to each, including some 35, 000 subcategories.

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Meg Whitman resigned as CEO of eBay in November 2007, but remained on the board and served as an advisor to new CEO John Donahoe until late 2008.

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Meg Whitman's was inducted into the U S Business Hall of Fame in 2008.

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Meg Whitman has received numerous awards and accolades for her work at eBay.

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The announcement eventually led to a civil case in the UK in 2019 at which Meg Whitman testified to having not carried out "proper calculations of the write-down.

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Meg Whitman fought off further rumours around her position at HPE, where she was quoted by The New York Times "So let me make this as clear as I can.

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On November 21, 2017 it was announced Meg Whitman was stepping down as the CEO of HPE, effective February 1, 2018, with HPE president Antonio Neri taking over as CEO.

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Meg Whitman was CEO of Quibi, a short-form media content app designed for smartphones.

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Meg Whitman's was appointed to the board of Goldman Sachs in October 2001 and then resigned in December 2002, amidst controversy that she had received shares in several public offerings managed by Goldman Sachs, although she denied any wrongdoing.

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In 2018, Meg Whitman invested in and joined the board of the eSports organization Immortals Gaming Club.

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Meg Whitman will serve as the club's Alternate Governor on the MLS Board of Governors.

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Meg Whitman's presented her credentials to President Uhuru Kenyatta on August 5, 2022.

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Meg Whitman founded a charitable foundation with husband Harsh on December 21, 2006, by donating to it 300, 000 shares of eBay stock worth $9.

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In 2010, Warren Buffett asked Meg Whitman to join the Giving Pledge in which billionaires would commit to donating half of their money to charity, and Meg Whitman declined.

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Meg Whitman was a supporter of the Mitt Romney 2008 presidential campaign and was a member of his national finance team.

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Meg Whitman's was listed as finance co-chair of Romney's exploratory committee.

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Meg Whitman's name was mentioned as a possible cabinet member in a Romney administration before he lost to Obama.

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Meg Whitman's called on all Republicans "to put country first before party" and added that she would support the campaign financially.

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Meg Whitman spoke at the 2020 Democratic National Convention in support of the party's presidential nominee Joe Biden.

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On February 10, 2009, Meg Whitman announced she would run for governor of California in the 2010 election.

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On June 8, 2010, Meg Whitman won the Republican primary, becoming the first female to run on the Republican ticket and the third female overall to run for Governor of California after Dianne Feinstein in 1990 and Kathleen Brown in 1994.

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In June 2010, Meg Whitman released a political ad, "A Lifetime in Politics A Legacy of Failure", which seemingly contained one image of the FAIL Blog website, making it appear in the ad as if Jerry Brown had been the subject of one of the website's namesake "fails".

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In 2010, The Sacramento Bee reported that Meg Whitman did not vote for 28 years, after reviewing her voting records in California.

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Meg Whitman has described her voting record as "inexcusable", apologized for it, and stated that she is happy to discuss the matter.

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Meg Whitman's campaign released documents which she says Santillan provided prior to her employment including a driver's license, social security ID, and application.

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Santillan says Meg Whitman knew she was undocumented, producing a 2003 letter from the Social Security Administration stating that her Social Security number did not match her name.

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Meg Whitman's campaign maintains that this is a political attack, stating that Allred is a Jerry Brown supporter.

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Crystal Williams, Director of the American Immigration Lawyers Association stated "Not only is accepting the documents all the law required [Meg Whitman] to do, but there's a counterbalancing anti-discrimination law that keeps her from probing further or demanding different documents.

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The Los Angeles Times noted that Latino voters were more likely interested that Meg Whitman treated Santillan "like a piece of garbage" when the maid asked for help finding an immigration attorney, and Meg Whitman allegedly stated "you don't know me and I don't know you".

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Meg Whitman later resigned from the Goldman Sachs board after some expressed concern over her receiving shares from Goldman Sachs.

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Meg Whitman's's doing this because she thinks quite highly of the firm.

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Public domain documents reveal that Meg Whitman has a multimillion-dollar stake in 21 investment funds managed by Goldman Sachs.

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Meg Whitman's argued that it is best to start only a few things and finish them, instead of starting a lot of things and finishing few of them.

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Meg Whitman said that if elected, on her first day she would have suspended AB 32, the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, for a year to study its potential economic implications.

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At the state Republican Convention in March 2010, Meg Whitman described California Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's climate change bill as a "job-killer".

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Meg Whitman opposed Proposition 23, which would delay the global warming law AB 32 until California's unemployment falls to 5.

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Meg Whitman said that Arizona's approach to illegal immigration with Arizona SB 1070 is wrong and that there are better ways to solve the problem.

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Meg Whitman's said that, if she had lived in California in 1994, she would have voted against Proposition 187 concerning illegal immigrants.

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Meg Whitman's stated that illegal immigrant students should be prohibited from attending state-funded institutions of higher education.

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In 2009, Meg Whitman called for "a path to legalization" of illegal immigrants.

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Meg Whitman criticized Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown for not defending Proposition 8 in the federal judicial system.

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Meg Whitman stated, "At the time, I believed the people of California had weighed in on this question and that overturning the will of the people was the wrong approach, " and "The facts and arguments presented during the legal process since then have had a profound impact on my thinking.

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Meg Whitman has said that the legalization of marijuana is not what any law enforcement person would suggest for any reason and that "this is the worst idea [she has] ever seen.

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Meg Whitman has made monetary donations to various candidates and political action committees.

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In 2017, Meg Whitman was the Commencement speaker for Carnegie Mellon University and was awarded an honorary doctorate degree.

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