49 Facts About Jessie J


Jessica Ellen Cornish was born on 27 March 1988, and known professionally as Jessie J, is an English singer.

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Jessie J's following single, "Price Tag", topped the charts in nineteen countries including the UK and was followed by the release of her debut album, Who You Are, which peaked at number two in the UK.

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In 2012, Jessie J performed at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert outside Buckingham Palace in June, as well as the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympic Games in London on 12 August.

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Jessie J has received various accolades throughout her career, including the 2011 Critics' Choice Brit Award and the BBC's Sound of 2011.

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Jessie J has supported various charitable causes, and has appeared on the UK charity telethons BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief.

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Jessie J has served as a coach on the competition series The Voice UK, The Voice Australia and The Voice Kids UK.

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In 2018, Jessie J received widespread recognition in China following her appearance in the Hunan TV reality program Singer.

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Jessie J attended Colin's Performing Arts School and as an 11-year-old she was cast in Andrew Lloyd Webber's West End production of Whistle Down the Wind.

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Jessie J subsequently joined the National Youth Music Theatre and appeared in their 2002 production of The Late Sleepers.

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Jessie J said she was always good at singing and it was her "thing".

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Jessie J graduated in the class of 2006 along with singers Adele and Leona Lewis.

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Jessie J was signed to Gut Records, recording an album for the label, but the company went bankrupt before any material was released.

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Jessie J then found success as a songwriter, gaining a Sony ATV publishing contract.

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Jessie J was the support act for Cyndi Lauper during Lauper's UK dates of her 2008 Bring Ya to the Brink tour.

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Jessie J was part of a girl band, called Soul Deep, for two years believing "it wasn't going anywhere, " she left the group.

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Jessie J eventually signed with Lava as part of a joint venture with Universal Republic.

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Jessie J began recording her debut studio album in 2005 and it was completed on 19 January 2011.

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Jessie J revealed that "Big White Room" would be on the album and was written from an experience she had when she was aged 11, although she wrote the song at age 17, in the hospital, where a ward mate, a little boy, died.

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However, in late 2010 Jessie J released her first single, "Do It Like a Dude" which was co-written with George Astasio, Tj Normandin, Jason Pebworth, Jon Shave, Kyle Abrahams and Peter Ighile.

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Jessie J then sent the song to her label, Island Records, before sending it to Rihanna's management.

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Jessie J served as the house artist at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, performing several of her original songs along with covers around commercial breaks.

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On 12 June 2011, at the Summertime Ball held at Wembley Stadium, London, Jessie J ruptured several tendons in her foot during rehearsals, and performed her set the following day while sitting on a gilded throne.

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Jessie J was scheduled to play at several festivals throughout the summer, however it was reported on 1 July 2011 that she would not be able to attend T in the Park, T4 on the Beach, Wembley:Orange, iTunes Festival, Lovebox, and Oxegen due to the injuries to her foot.

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James Morrison's third studio album, The Awakening features a collaboration with Jessie J called "Up", the song was released as a single on 16 November 2011.

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Jessie J re-released Who You Are on 9 November 2011, featuring the regular tracks plus "Domino".

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At the 2012 Brit Awards on 21 February, Jessie J received two Brit Award nominations, Best British Female Artist, and Best British Single.

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On 4 June 2012, Jessie J appeared at the Diamond Jubilee Concert for Queen Elizabeth II, performing a duet with will.

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Jessie J was a coach on the BBC One programme The Voice UK for its first two series in 2012 and 2013.

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On 31 January 2012, Jessie J announced that she had begun recording her second studio album.

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Jessie J stated that she hoped to collaborate with many artists that year, possibly including some of her fellow coaches on The Voice.

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Jessie J has revealed on Twitter that she worked with Diane Warren and co-author of her song "Price Tag", Claude Kelly.

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Via Twitter, Jessie J announced her first arena tour, called Nice to Meet You Tour, which began on 15 October 2013 and concluded on 8 February 2014.

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Jessie J featured on DJ Cassidy's debut single "Calling All Hearts", along with Canadian singer Robin Thicke.

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In 2016, Jessie J joined the cast of voices for Ice Age: Collision Course singing the movie's theme song "My Superstar" featuring Tha Vill.

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In October 2017, Jessie J began her R O S E tour across Europe and the US to promote the upcoming album.

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Jessie J won the competition, making history as the first international singer to win the season in the show's six-year history, accompanied by the record of having topped number-one performances in five out of the first ten elimination rounds.

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In September 2018, Jessie J announced her first Christmas album titled This Christmas Day, which was released on 26 October 2018.

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In December 2018, Jessie J confirmed that she would be appearing as a coach on The Voice Kids UK alongside Pixie Lott, Danny Jones and will.

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Jessie J announced via Instagram that the tour is called The Lasty Tour, in honour of her close friend and bodyguard Dave Last "Lasty" who died in December 2018.

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Jessie J co-wrote "One More Try" with Max Martin and Oscar Holter.

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In 2021, Jessie J released a new single "I Want Love", which was followed by a diagnosis of Meniere's disease and an unrelated miscarriage.

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Jessie J revealed that her label was supportive of the decision and supported her to start re-recording the album in April 2022.

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In terms of previously recorded music, Jessie J elaborated that some of the songs could be re-recorded, scrapped or allocated elsewhere but she was not sure if they would appear on the album.

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Jessie J revealed that she had departed ways with her sixth manager, sensing that she needed a new internal team.

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Jessie J calls her fans "heartbeats", after her Heartbeat Tour.

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Jessie J has appeared on the major UK charity telethons, Children in Need and Comic Relief, both broadcast on the BBC.

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Jessie J confirmed on 2 August 2011 that she would be shaving her hair off for charity in 2012.

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In November 2011, Jessie J performed "Nobody's Perfect" at the charity concert Children in Need Rocks Manchester held at the Manchester Arena to raise money for Children in Need 2011.

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Jessie J is a supporter of UK children's charity Believe in Magic, a charity that grants wishes to terminally ill children across the UK.

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