31 Facts About Leona Lewis

1. Leona Lewis commented that she turned down the deal on the grounds that Harrods is the only UK department store which continues to stock clothing made from animal fur.

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2. Leona Lewis credits Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as her major influences.

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3. At the age of 17, Leona Lewis decided to leave BRIT School in order to "get out there" and pursue a career in music.

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4. Leona Lewis has an estimated net worth of $24 million.

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5. Leona Lewis is engaged to longtime boyfriend, professional dancer Dennis Jauch.

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6. Leona Lewis is a supporter of World Animal Protection and is a patron of the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary in Brentwood, Essex.

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7. In March 2013, Leona Lewis was announced as the new brand activist for The Body Shop.

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8. In October 2008, The Times reported that Leona Lewis had turned down a seven-figure sum from Mohamed Al Fayed to open a Harrods sale.

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9. Leona Lewis cited Tracy Chapman, Kate Bush and Tears for Fears as her third studio album's primary influences.

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10. Leona Lewis credits Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston as her major influences: "when I was growing up I used to listen to Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, those kind[s] of big powerful kind of singers so that influences a lot of my music and a lot of the songs I like to sing".

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11. In February 2018, Leona Lewis collaborated with Calum Scott to re-release "You Are the Reason" as a duet.

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12. On 26 May 2016, it was announced that Leona Lewis would make her Broadway debut, as Grizabella, in the July 2016 revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats.

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13. On 13 June 2015, Leona Lewis premiered another song from the album, "Essence of Me", via Graham Norton on BBC Radio 2.

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14. On 17 May 2014 at the FA Cup Final Leona Lewis performed two songs: the traditional pre-match anthem, "Abide with Me", and "God Save the Queen".

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15. Leona Lewis performed the song on the semi-final of the tenth series of The X Factor on 8 December 2013.

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16. Leona Lewis embarked on a 16-date tour in the UK beginning in April 2013.

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17. At the Hackney Weekend, Leona Lewis performed further cover versions and debuted the song "Come Alive" from Glassheart.

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18. Leona Lewis described Glassheart as "energetic, deep, [and] unique" and said it would have a darker tone.

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19. Leona Lewis began work on her third album, Glassheart, shortly after she had completed The Labyrinth tour.

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20. Leona Lewis was scheduled to tour North America from July to August 2010 supporting Christina Aguilera's Bionic Tour, but Aguilera cancelled the tour, leaving Lewis's plans unknown.

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21. Leona Lewis admitted to the offence and was hospitalised for an indeterminate period.

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22. Leona Lewis signed a book deal in January 2009 to release an illustrated autobiography in October 2009.

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23. Leona Lewis performed a 13-piece set list at the Rock in Rio festival in Lisbon, Portugal, on 22 May 2010, including songs from Spirit and Echo.

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24. In January 2010, Leona Lewis provided vocals on a cover of "Everybody Hurts", released to help raise money for victims of the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

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25. Leona Lewis recorded the theme song for the 2009 science fiction film Avatar, directed by James Cameron.

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26. Leona Lewis performed her first full UK show at the Hackney Empire in London on 2 November 2009, performing songs from Spirit and Echo.

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27. Leona Lewis received three nominations for the 51st Grammy Awards in December 2008.

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28. At the age of 17, Leona Lewis decided to leave BRIT School to "get out there" and pursue a career in music.

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29. In 2016, Leona Lewis made her Broadway debut as Grizabella in the revival of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Cats; she played the role from that July to October.

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30. In 2014, Leona Lewis made her film debut in the supporting role of Elena in the romantic comedy musical, Walking on Sunshine.

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31. Leona Lewis achieved national recognition when she won the third series of The X Factor in 2006, winning a £1 million recording contract with Simon Cowell's record label, Syco Music.

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