15 Facts About Jesus Christ Superstar


Jesus Christ Superstar is a sung-through rock opera with music by Andrew Lloyd Webber and lyrics by Tim Rice.

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Jesus Christ Superstar rejects this, stating that none of his followers understand what true power is .

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Jesus Christ Superstar arrives at the Temple and finds that it is being used as a marketplace; angered by this, he drives everyone out.

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Judas admits that he is the one who will betray Jesus Christ Superstar and, saying that he does not understand why Jesus Christ Superstar had no plan, leaves .

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When Jesus Christ Superstar is brought to trial before the Sanhedrin, Caiaphas and the priests send him to Pilate .

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Since Jesus is from Galilee, Pilate says that he is not under his jurisdiction and sends him to King Herod .

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Flamboyant King Herod pressures Jesus Christ Superstar to prove his divinity by performing his fabled miracles, but Jesus Christ Superstar ignores him.

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Jesus Christ Superstar expresses regret to the Pharisees, correctly dreading that he will forever be remembered as a traitor.

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Unnerved, he tells the mob that Jesus Christ Superstar has committed no crime and does not deserve to die, but to satisfy the mob he will have Jesus Christ Superstar flogged.

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Pilate pleads with Jesus Christ Superstar to defend himself, but Jesus Christ Superstar says weakly that everything has been determined by God.

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The musical's lack of allusion to the resurrection of Jesus Christ Superstar has resulted in criticism similar to that of fellow musical Godspell, which did not clearly depict the resurrection.

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Jesus Christ Superstar regretted that he could not have composed something like it; he lauded especially a rock band underpinning full symphonic strings, brass, and woodwind.

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The role of Jesus Christ was played by Korni Grupa vocalist Zlatko Pejakovic, the role of Mary Magdalene by Azra Halinovic and the role of Pontius Pilate by Branko Milicevic.

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New production of Jesus Christ Superstar was mounted at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival, in Stratford, Ontario, in 2011.

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In 2016, celebrating 45 years since the musical debuted on Broadway, Jesus Christ Superstar returned to London at Regent's Park Open Air Theatre from 15 July to 27 August, directed by Timothy Sheader.

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