21 Facts About Jewish Chronicle


Jewish Chronicle is a London-based Jewish weekly newspaper.

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At the time, The Jewish Chronicle gained a near monopoly in the Jewish press, taking over its principal competitors, The Hebrew Observer and The Jewish World.

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Editors of The Jewish Chronicle have included Ned Temko, 1990 to 2005, Jeff Barak, who returned to Israel, and David Rowan, 2006 to 2008, who joined The Observer.

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On 8 April 2020, The Jewish Chronicle went into liquidiation, and both papers announced their intentions to close, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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Jewish Chronicle wanted to define the "National Home" as a Jewish Commonwealth.

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Under Leopold Greenberg, The Jewish Chronicle was hostile to the Reform and Liberal movements in Britain.

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Jewish Chronicle said that he and the paper did not support the appeal and were "entirely supportive" of Operation Protective Edge.

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Jewish Chronicle disputed the reported number of civilian casualties and asserted that many were terrorists.

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In 1981, The Jewish Chronicle published an interview with then Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher.

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In December 2019, The Jewish Chronicle published an article by Melanie Phillips which asserted that Islamophobia was a bogus term which provided cover for antisemites.

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The nine signatories were mostly linked to the Labour party, and had either been libelled by The Jewish Chronicle or had complaints about factually inaccurate reporting upheld by the regulator between 2018 and 2021.

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Cathcart further stated that The Jewish Chronicle offered "vivid proof" that IPSO's remedies were ineffective in upholding journalistic standards.

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In 1968, The Jewish Chronicle accused Labour MP Christopher Mayhew of making antisemitic comments on a television programme.

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In February 2018, The Jewish Chronicle falsely reported that a blogger and Labour Party member was a Holocaust denier.

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In November 2019, The Jewish Chronicle published a ruling by IPSO that it had breached the Editors' Code of Practice in relation to claims in four articles about a Labour Party member published in early 2019.

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In February 2020, The Jewish Chronicle acknowledged that they had made untrue and distressing allegations, for which they apologised, and agreed to pay damages and legal costs.

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In December 2019, IPSO found that The Jewish Chronicle breached the Editors' Code by falsely describing a Labour Party activist as Jewish and as a member of the executive of the Labour Representation Committee; the paper corrected the article and published a full correction online.

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In September 2020, The Jewish Chronicle published an apology to a councillor about whom the newspaper had printed numerous false and libellous allegations.

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In March 2021, The Jewish Chronicle published false and defamatory claims against political activist and journalist Marc Wadsworth.

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On 22 July 2021, the High Court of England and Wales found The Jewish Chronicle to be guilty of libelling Wadsworth in this matter.

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In June 2022 IPSO rejected a series of complaints about an article in the Jewish Chronicle but found it had breached the Editors Code by misleadingly reporting the reason its subject's dismissal from his job.

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