46 Facts About Joey Barton

1. Joey Barton has urged the Football Association to revise their betting regulations.

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2. Joey Barton calls for change to 'hard line' betting rules after Sturridge charge.

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3. Joey Barton was playing for Burnley when he was hit with.

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4. Joey Barton has called on the FA to make changes to their betting rules.

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5. Joey Barton calls for FA to ease up on 'draconian' betting rules in wake of Daniel Sturridge investigation.

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6. Joey Barton calls on FA to re-think 'draconian' betting rules after Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge is charged.

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7. Joey Barton wants Fleetwood Town's players to go on a run.

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8. Joey Barton has called on the FA to be more "21st century" in its approach to gambling regulations.

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9. Joey Barton discusses first steps in management, giving up playing, and the success of Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard.

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10. On 26 April 2017, Joey Barton received an 18-month ban from football after admitting a Football Association charge in relation to betting.

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11. In October 2016 Joey Barton was charged with breaking rules relating to gambling on football matches.

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12. In June 2016, Joey Barton supported Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn after mass resignations from his cabinet and a leadership challenge.

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13. On 29 May 2014, Joey Barton appeared on the BBC's Question Time discussion programme where, referring to the UK Independence Party, he said "If I'm somewhere and there was four really ugly girls, I'm thinking she's not the worst—that's all UKIP are".

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14. Joey Barton sponsored the number seven shirt, the number he wore in the men's side.

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15. Joey Barton is a patron of the Tamsin Gulvin Fund, a charity set up to support people who have addiction problems and no financial support.

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16. Joey Barton appears in the music video for Morrissey's "Spent the Day in Bed.

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17. Joey Barton has been described as the dirtiest player in the Premier League, a style reflected in the high number of fouls he has committed during his career.

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18. Joey Barton represented the England under-21 team and was part of the squad for their 2004 UEFA European Under-21 Championship qualifiers against Macedonia and Portugal, scoring st Portugal.

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19. On 27 July 2017, Joey Barton had his ban reduced by almost five months on appeal.

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20. On 10 November 2016, Joey Barton had his contract at Rangers terminated with immediate effect.

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21. On 24 May 2016, Joey Barton joined Scottish Premiership club Rangers on a two-year contract.

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22. On 27 August 2015, Joey Barton joined Championship club Burnley on a one-year contract.

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23. On 6 May 2013, Joey Barton was given a two-match suspended ban for describing Thiago Silva of Paris Saint-Germain as looking like an "overweight ladyboy" on Twitter.

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24. Joey Barton told ESPN that he would not return to Queens Park Rangers after the loan spell, and he said that he only joined the club for money because his partner was expecting a child.

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25. Joey Barton completed a season-long loan move to Marseille on 31 August 2012.

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26. Joey Barton responded by saying that "My behaviour was wrong and I accept the punishment that has been imposed upon me as a result.

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27. Joey Barton accepted the charge for kicking Aguero but denied the charge for attempting to head-butt Kompany.

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28. Joey Barton had to be dragged from the pitch by former teammate Micah Richards as he rowed with Manchester City players and staff and attempted to square-off with striker Mario Balotelli.

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29. On 2 January 2012, Joey Barton scored the opening goal in QPR's match against Norwich City, his second for the club.

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30. On 26 August 2011, Joey Barton moved to Queens Park Rangers, signing a four-year contract on a free transfer.

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31. Joey Barton criticised the Newcastle board after it was decided he could leave the club on a free transfer.

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32. Joey Barton was officially transfer listed by Newcastle on 1 August 2011, and it was stated that he could leave for free with his current contract yet to expire.

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33. Joey Barton apologised, accepted the charge, and was banned for three matches.

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34. Joey Barton made his Newcastle debut in a friendly against Hartlepool United on 17 July 2007.

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35. In December 2006, Joey Barton received the second red card of his career, for a late two-footed tackle on Bolton Wanderers player Abdoulaye Faye.

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36. In November 2006, Joey Barton was involved in a memorable goal celebration.

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37. Joey Barton handed in a written transfer request in January 2006, which the club rejected.

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38. In the autumn of 2005, Joey Barton began a seven-day programme of behavioural management at the Sporting Chance Clinic, a charity set up to help troubled sportsmen and women.

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39. Joey Barton had to be restrained from attacking the boy further by teammate Richard Dunne.

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40. Joey Barton sparked a ten-man brawl in a friendly match against Doncaster Rovers on 25 July 2004 after "hacking" at an opposition player.

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41. Joey Barton would have made his debut for the City first team in November 2002 against Middlesbrough, had he not lost his shirt after leaving it on the substitutes bench at half-time.

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42. Joey Barton pursued his dreams of becoming a professional footballer by joining Everton's youth system, but played for Liverpool when he was 14.

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43. Joey Barton enjoyed physical education at his school, St Thomas Becket, which he represented in various sports and was a talented rugby league prospect.

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44. Born in Huyton, Merseyside, Joey Barton is the oldest of four brothers.

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45. Joey Barton served 74 days of this prison term, being released on 28 July 2008.

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46. Joey Barton gives his opinion about Steven Gerrard and Scottish football.

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