42 Facts About John Bright

1. John Bright announced that he was not prepared to see power given to Irish nationalists who had made a mockery of parliamentary government.

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2. John Bright became a member of Parliament for Durham in 1843 and for Manchester in 1847.

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3. John Bright inherited bluntness of manner from his father, imaginative sensitivity from his mother.

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4. John Bright was the eldest surviving son of Jacob Bright, a self-made cotton-mill owner.

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5. In November 2006, John Bright was voted one of the CFL's Top 50 players of the league's modern era by Canadian sports network TSN.

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6. John Bright was inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame on November 26, 1970.

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7. John Bright led the CFL Western Conference in rushing four times, winning the Eddie James Memorial Trophy in the process, and was a CFL Western Conference All-Star five straight seasons from 1957 to 1961.

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8. John Bright rushed for 10,909 yards in 13 seasons, had five consecutive 1,000 yard seasons, and led the CFL in rushing four times.

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9. John Bright retired in 1964 as the CFL's all-time leading rusher.

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10. John Bright lived with his mother and step father Daniel Bates, brothers, Homer Bright, the eldest, Alfred, Milton, and Nate Bates, in a working class, predominantly African-American neighborhood in Fort Wayne.

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11. John Bright is the only Drake football player to have his jersey number retired by the school, and in June 2006, received honorable mention from ESPN.

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12. In 1969, John Bright was named Drake University's greatest football player of all time.

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13. John Bright died at his home One Ash on 27 March 1889 and was buried in the graveyard of the meeting-house of the Religious Society of Friends in Rochdale.

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14. The Irish Nationalist MP Tim Healy wrote to John Bright, wishing him a speedy recovery and "Your great services to our people can never be forgotten, for it was when Ireland had fewest friends that your voice was loudest on her side.

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15. John Bright was very weak and did not seem able to say any more, and I saw the tears running down his cheeks".

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16. In late 1888, John Bright became seriously ill and he realised the end was near.

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17. John Bright was again nominated as part of the separatist protest and on this occasion won the resulting by-election on 10 July 1869.

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18. John Bright was re-elected by his Birmingham constituents and it turned out to be his last Parliament.

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19. John Bright exhorted his countrymen to put the Union above the Liberal Party.

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20. John Bright explained much of his policy as to a Dublin Parliament, and as to Land purchase.

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21. In March 1886 John Bright went to London, and on 10 March met Hartington, having an hour's talk with him on Ireland.

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22. John Bright was repeatedly contacted by Gladstone, Chamberlain and Hartington to solicit his support.

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23. John Bright delivered the opening address for the Birmingham Central Library in 1882, and in 1888 the city erected a statue of him.

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24. John Bright is still commemorated in Llandudno where the principal secondary school was named after him, and a new school, Ysgol John Bright was built in 2004.

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25. John Bright served twice again in Gladstone cabinets as Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster.

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26. In 1860, John Bright won another victory with Cobden in a new Free Trade initiative, the Cobden–Chevalier Treaty, promoting closer interdependence between Britain and France.

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27. John Bright supported Cobden's motion for the reduction of public expenditure, and in and out of parliament pleaded for peace.

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28. John Bright spoke against capital punishment, against church-rates, against flogging in the army, and against the Irish Established Church.

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29. John Bright married firstly, on 27 November 1839, Elizabeth Priestman of Newcastle, daughter of Jonathan Priestman and Rachel Bragg.

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30. John Bright coined this famous phrase on 18 January 1865 in a speech at Birmingham supporting an expansion of the franchise.

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31. John Bright replied that if Cobden retired the mainspring of the League was gone.

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32. John Bright took his seat in the House of Commons as one of the members for Durham on 28 July 1843, and on 7 August delivered his maiden speech in support of a motion by Mr Ewart for reduction of import duties.

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33. John Bright was defeated, but his successful competitor was unseated on petition, and at the second contest Bright was returned.

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34. John Bright was still only the local public man, taking part in all public movements, especially in opposition to John Fielden's proposed factory legislation, and to the Rochdale church-rate.

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35. John Bright was an ardent Nonconformist, proud to number among his ancestors John Gratton, a friend of George Fox, and one of the persecuted and imprisoned preachers of the Religious Society of Friends.

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36. John Bright learned, he himself said, but little Latin and Greek, but acquired a great love of English literature, which his mother fostered, and a love of outdoor pursuits.

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37. John Bright was a delicate child, and was sent as a day pupil to a boarding school near his home, kept by William Littlewood.

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38. John Bright was his son by his second wife, Martha Wood, daughter of a Quaker shopkeeper of Bolton-le-Moors.

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39. John Bright was born at Greenbank, Rochdale, in Lancashire, England—one of the early centres of the Industrial Revolution.

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40. John Bright was almost a lone voice in opposing the Crimean War; he opposed William Ewart Gladstone's proposed Home Rule for Ireland.

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41. John Bright sat in the House of Commons from 1843 to 1889, promoting free trade, electoral reform and religious freedom.

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42. John Bright was a British Radical and Liberal statesman, one of the greatest orators of his generation and a promoter of free trade policies.

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