6 Facts About John Perry Barlow

1. In 2014, John Perry Barlow suffered the loss of Buck, his beloved Maine Coon cat that he believed to be a bodhisattva; the cat had many fans on social media.

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2. On September 8, 2014, John Perry Barlow was the first speaker in the Art, Activism, and Technology: The 50th Anniversary of the Free Speech Movement colloquium series at University of California, Berkeley.

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3. In 1990, John Perry Barlow founded the Electronic Frontier Foundation along with fellow digital-rights activists John Gilmore and Mitch Kapor.

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4. In 2012, John Perry Barlow was one of the founders of the EFF-related Freedom of the Press Foundation and served on its board of directors until his death.

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5. In 1996, John Perry Barlow was invited to speak about his work in cyberspace to a middle school classroom at North Shore Country Day School.

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6. Prior to receiving his degree, John Perry Barlow was admitted to Harvard Law School and contracted to write a novel by Farrar, Straus and Giroux at the behest of his mentor, the autodidactic Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and historian Paul Horgan.

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