37 Facts About Jon Gruden

1. Jon Gruden shares a very strong bond with his family and brothers.

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2. Jon Gruden was born as Jon David Gruden on 17 August 1963, in Sandusky, Ohio.

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3. Jon Gruden is widely recognized as an American football coach, currently the head coach of the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League.

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4. Jon Gruden is an outspoken coach who speaks his mind.

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5. Jon Gruden had an excellent first year with Tampa Bay.

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6. Jon Gruden is a well-known coach in the NFL He holds an important position as the head coach of the Buccaneers.

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7. Jon Gruden had told Cindy at that time that he would not marry her until he is able to procure a full-time coach job at the University.

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8. Jon Gruden spends plenty of time during Monday Night Football discussing the actual football happening on the field.

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9. In 1990, Jon Gruden was an extraordinary assistant with the San Francisco 49ers under quarterback coach Mike Holmgren.

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10. Jon Gruden played baseball, basketball, and football in high school and then moved on to the University of Dayton, Ohio, where he played quarterback for three years.

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11. Head Coach Jon Gruden discusses how he has reevaluated what it means to be a prototypical NFL quarterback.

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12. Head Coach Jon Gruden gets fired up about one-on-one drills during day three of the Senior Bowl practice in Mobile, Ala.

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13. Jon Gruden signed a contract extension with ESPN, beginning in September 2012, that lengthened his tenure with the broadcasting company for another five years.

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14. Jon Gruden graduated with a degree in communications in 1985.

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15. Jon Gruden 'going nowhere,' Raiders owner says, but what about Reggie McKenzie? originally appeared on nbcsportsbayarea.

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16. Jon Gruden 'going nowhere,' Raiders owner says, but what about Reggie McKenzie?.

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17. Jon Gruden enjoyed phenomenal stability at the position in those days, something the present-day Raiders severely lack.

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18. Jon Gruden thinks Raiders are in good spot for the future.

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19. Jon Gruden explains why Cardinals running back David Johnson is 'a joker'.

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20. The Oakland Raiders and new head coach Jon Gruden have put together a disastrous 2018 season, dropping eight out of their first nine games played.

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21. Jon Gruden says Raiders WR Martavis Bryant could miss 'a couple weeks' or longer.

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22. Jon Gruden has already ruled Bryant out for Week 11, but there's hope Nelson can avoid an absence.

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23. Jon Gruden needs Raiders rookies to grow up fast 'play critical snaps for us'.

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24. Jon Gruden opened up on Monday about the Oakland Raiders' nightmarish season in his first year back on the sideline, specifically mentioning how he appreciates the patient perspective recently exhibited by team owner Mark Davis.

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25. Jon Gruden came in with lots of promise and lots of reputation.

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26. Jon Gruden came back to coaching after six years of attempts by Raiders owner Mark Davis to lure him back to be the Raiders head coach.

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27. In May 2009, Jon Gruden was hired by ESPN to serve as a color analyst on its Monday Night Football telecasts, replacing Tony Kornheiser.

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28. Jon Gruden closed the FFCA upon his returning to coaching in 2018 moving the game and player film along with the other information he held there to Oakland.

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29. In May 2010, Jon Gruden became a volunteer assistant offensive line coach at Carrollwood Day School in Tampa, Florida.

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30. In 2008, Jon Gruden was rewarded with a contract extension through the 2011 season.

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31. Jon Gruden signed a five-year contract with the Buccaneers worth $17.5 million.

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32. In March 1991, Jon Gruden became the wide receivers coach for the University of Pittsburgh under head coach Paul Hackett.

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33. In 1990, Jon Gruden was a special assistant with the San Francisco 49ers under quarterbacks coach Mike Holmgren.

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34. Jon Gruden was raised Catholic, and was a Cleveland Browns fan growing up.

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35. Jon Gruden was born on August 17, 1963, in Sandusky, Ohio.

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36. At the time, Jon Gruden, aged 39 years, 5 months and 9 days, was the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl.

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37. In 2004, Jon Gruden was in his third season as head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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