5 Facts About Julian Casablancas

1. In 2005, Julian Casablancas married Juliet Joslin, who was the assistant manager of The Strokes at the time.

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2. In 2009, Julian Casablancas founded Cult Records, the creative imprint for his solo album Phrazes for the Young.

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3. In April 2015, it was revealed that Julian Casablancas had worked on a song with Savages' Jehnny Beth.

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4. In 2016 Julian Casablancas interviewed Henry Giroux, during which they discuss the idea of whether or not the average American identifies that there are still existing struggles and conflicts that need to be addressed within the country.

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5. In June 2014 Julian Casablancas announced he would be releasing the debut album, Tyranny.

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