14 Facts About Kalinganagar


Kalinganagar is a planned industrial and modern town in Jajpur district of coastal Odisha, India.

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Kalinganagar is a geographical unit consisting of a compact landmass of Danagadi and Sukinda Blocks of Jajpur district of Odisha, India.

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Kalinganagar had invited first, Swaraj Paul, a NRI British industrialist to set up a steel plant which did not materialize though.

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Kalinganagar is a global steel hub of international business and commerce and is one of the best industrial complexes having many manufacturing companies and corporations established and help in booming the India's economy.

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Kalinganagar is a top-rated fastest growing town among India's other developed cities.

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Kalinganagar ranked higher according to criteria reflecting its presence on economy and industrial growth on similar lists as published by other entities.

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Kalinganagar is declared as National Manufacturing and Investment Zone by Government of India.

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Tata Power's Kalinganagar Project has been implementing regular CSR activities in this area with partnership of local community, government, youth clubs, PRI members and local institutions on various developmental issues.

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Kalinganagar is progressing towards establishing a steel plant at Raigarh in Chhattisgarh and plans to set up a steel plant and Manganese Alloy Plant in Madhya Pradesh.

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Kalinganagar was set up in 2004 under an MOU with the state of Odisha at Kalinganagar, Jajpur.

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Kalinganagar possesses an integrated facility, straddling the value chain from ore to finished steel.

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Kalinganagar is setting up a 67 MW Captive Power Plant at its jajpur unit to feed its energy requirements.

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Kalinganagar entered into ferro alloy manufacturing and started its second plant at Bhagwanpur Industrial Estate in 1992, Dist-khurda, Orissa, having its end product of low carbon ferro chrome, and successfully operated low carbon ferro chrome business in national level.

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The Odisha Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation was entrusted with the task of developing infrastructure facilities in Kalinganagar to facilitate the growth of industries in the area.

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