10 Facts About Karmann


Wilhelm Karmann GmbH, commonly known as simply Karmann, was a German automobile manufacturer and contract manufacturer based in Osnabruck.

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Karmann was established in 1901 when Wilhelm Karmann purchased Klages, a coachbuilder founded in 1874, and renamed the business.

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Karmann became known for its work on convertibles, coupes, and other niche models.

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From 1985 to 1989, Karmann produced the Merkur XR4Ti ; and from 2003 to 2007, the Chrysler Crossfire coupe and convertible for Chrysler, at the time DaimlerChrysler.

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Many Karmann-built vehicles feature a small wagon wheel emblem, the coat of arms of Osnabruck, where the company was founded.

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Karmann assembled complete knock down kits in an agreement with American Motors .

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AMC did not have a manufacturing subsidiary in Europe, therefore, Karmann assembled the American-designed car for distribution in Europe.

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Karmann wanted to produce a sporty and open two-seater on the technical basis of the VW Beetle.

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Since its beginning in 1901, Karmann built more than three million complete vehicles of the models as follows, exceptions as indicated:.

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On 8 April 2009, Karmann filed for insolvency proceedings due to the sharp decline in demand for cars, and the company's financial obligations.

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