24 Facts About Kate Oates

1. In July 2012, Kate Oates appeared in Written by a Kid's production Scary Smash, a Geek and Sundry creation that was executive produced by Kim Evey, Felicia Day, and Sheri Byrant.

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2. Kate Oates predicted that she would be "brilliant" in her new position.

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3. Kate Oates described Oates as "an extraordinarily talented woman—very intelligent, very capable and a very good storyteller".

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4. Kate Oates commended her "groundbreaking and socially important stories", including Pat Phelan's villainous spree and the light-hearted humour between characters.

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5. Kate Oates thought that Oates would be able to maintain that over the coming years.

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6. Kate Oates is currently homeless, living out of his car in the Amazon fulfillment center parking lot while working full-time.

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7. Kate Oates explained that as the work volume increases The director of labor education research at Cornell University's Industrial and Labor Relations School, Kate Bronfenbrenner, explained these trends are persistent throughout the retail industry.

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8. In September 2018, Kate Oates spoke exclusively to Duncan Lindsay of the Metro about her plans for EastEnders.

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9. Kate Oates will primarily work with the team at EastEnders and will work alongside the show's current executive consultant, John Yorke from October to December 2018 to provide a "smooth handover".

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10. Kate Oates looked forward to starting her new position and working on the production of Bancroft.

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11. On 24 April 2018, it was announced that Kate Oates had resigned from her position as series producer of Coronation Street after two years.

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12. Kate Oates was first credited in the position in episode 8968, first broadcast on 15 August 2016.

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13. Kate Oates was first credited as assistant producer in episode 7951, first broadcast on 10 September 2012, and last credited in episode 8083, first broadcast on 15 March 2013.

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14. Kate Oates left the show in December 2015, and was last credited in episode 7503, first broadcast on 16 May 2016.

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15. On 18 September 2015, it was announced that Kate Oates would leave Emmerdale.

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16. Kate Oates introduced multiple other leading characters to the soap as well.

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17. Kate Oates created the White family, a new leading family for Home Farm manor, an "iconic" location in the show.

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18. Kate Oates reports to Whiston, who believed that she was "in tune with the vibrant spirit of modern Emmerdale".

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19. Kate Oates began working on the ITV soap opera Emmerdale in early 2010 as a story editor, under then-producer, Gavin Blyth.

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20. Kate Oates produced the soap opera for seven years, choosing to leave in 2010.

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21. In 2012, Kate Oates praised The Arches editor of twenty-one years, Vanessa Whitburn, calling her "inspiring".

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22. Kate Oates is a British television producer, known for her work on the soap operas The Archers, Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders.

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23. Kate Oates reassured stars she won't be wielding her famous "axe" any time soon.

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24. Kate Oates bringing back to EastEnders? Our top 15 predictions.

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