32 Facts About Keith Chegwin

1. Keith Chegwin was created on January 17, 1957 in Liverpool, Britain.

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2. Keith Chegwin has a twin brother called Jeff who is a music PR and a popular nephew, Hugo Chegwin, one of the creators of People Just Do Nothing, who is a music producer.

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3. In 1982, Keith Chegwin got married to his Swap Shop co-presenter Maggie Philbin, and they had a daughter together in 1988 whom they named Rose.

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4. Keith Chegwin went to a stage school with Jeff, his twin brother.

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5. Keith Chegwin was a broadcaster and actor born in Walton, Liverpool, on January 17, 1957.

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6. In 1982, Keith Chegwin walked down the aisle with presenter, Maggie Philbin.

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7. Keith Chegwin is known for his role in Roman Polanski's film Macbeth, and he has appeared in other movies like The Troublesome Double, Egghead's Robot, and The Optimists of Nine Elms.

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8. Keith Chegwin was born on January 17, 1957, in Walton, Liverpool.

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9. Keith Chegwin regularly made public appearances around the UK and was involved in charity work.

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10. Keith Chegwin was an uncle of Hugo Chegwin, a music producer and one of the creators and stars of BBC Three sitcom People Just Do Nothing.

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11. In 2010 Keith Chegwin attracted a lot of criticism from other comedians for posting other acts' jokes on his Twitter account without crediting them.

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12. Keith Chegwin took part in the 2015 series of Celebrity MasterChef, won by Kimberly Wyatt of the Pussycat Dolls.

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13. Keith Chegwin identified making the show as "the worst career move" in his life.

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14. Keith Chegwin toured the country hosting Graham Fisher's International Knockout for corporate and charity events.

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15. Keith Chegwin worked as a disc jockey for 194 Radio City in Liverpool, and worked at BBC Radio 1 on Tony Blackburn's weekend morning show for four years.

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16. Keith Chegwin had a career as a singer, releasing singles on the Cherub and Pye record labels, but turned down an offer to front the band Kenny.

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17. Keith Chegwin appeared in TV ads for products such as Pepsi and Cadbury Creme Eggs as well as for Ready Brek, Toffos and Tizer, and was associated with the Freemans catalogue.

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18. Keith Chegwin died on 11 December 2017 of lung disease idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.

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19. Keith Chegwin spent four years at BBC Radio 1 on Tony Blackburn's weekend morning show.

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20. Keith Chegwin had a career as a singer, releasing singles on the Pye Records label and worked as a disc jockey for 194 Radio City in Liverpool.

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21. Keith Chegwin died at his home in Shropshire having moved there earlier in 2017.

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22. Keith Chegwin joined the eighth series of Dancing on Ice partnered with Olga Sharutenko.

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23. Keith Chegwin was originally set to take part in the seventh series of Dancing on Ice, but he was forced to withdraw after breaking three ribs and fracturing his shoulder on the first day of training with Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.

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24. In November 2011 Keith Chegwin played himself in the comedy horror film Kill Keith.

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25. In 2007 Keith Chegwin voiced and starred in the quiz-based video game 'Chegger's Party Quiz', in which a CGI version of himself acts as a quizmaster.

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26. Keith Chegwin presented the Yorkshire Television-made Channel 5 nudist gameshow Naked Jungle, appearing naked except for a hat.

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27. In 2000 Keith Chegwin presented his own internet TV show, where his daily audience for the seven-week trial reached over 250,000.

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28. Keith Chegwin stopped drinking after his appearance on the Richard and Judy show This Morning on 5 November 1992.

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29. Keith Chegwin was known for his off-the-cuff ad-lib style of broadcasting.

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30. While at school, Keith Chegwin auditioned and gained roles on TV, film and stage.

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31. Keith Chegwin was born in Walton, Liverpool, on 17 January 1957.

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32. Keith Chegwin was an English television presenter and actor, appearing in several children's entertainment shows in the 1970s and 1980s, including Multi-Coloured Swap Shop and Cheggers Plays Pop.

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