62 Facts About Chris Moyles


Previously he has presented The Chris Moyles Show on BBC Radio 1 from 2004 to 2012 and Chris Moyles' Quiz Night from 2009 to 2012 on Channel 4.


Chris Moyles has presented the early breakfast show, a Saturday morning show, and the drive time show, before presenting the breakfast show from 5 January 2004 to 14 September 2012.


Chris Moyles remained there until early 1994 when he was dismissed for comments made about the station's previous programme controller.


Chris Moyles remained there until he was dismissed by the station's programme controller, who he refers to as a "spineless bastard" in his first autobiography.


In 1996, Chris Moyles joined London station Capital FM, hosting his weekend show The Late Bit, which went out on Friday and Saturday evenings, and covering for other DJs.


Chris Moyles has co-presented the show from 1998 with his sidekick.


On 5 January 2004, Moyles started presenting Radio 1's breakfast programme, named The Chris Moyles Show, switching places with Sara Cox.


Chris Moyles had been appointed to increase the ratings for the show and did so, putting on an extra 1,000,000 listeners to the audience in the first quarter of 2004.


On 12 May 2008 The Chris Moyles Show won its second Sony radio gold award for 'best breakfast show'.


On 7 September 2009 Chris Moyles became the longest serving breakfast presenter on Radio 1, breaking the record previously set by Tony Blackburn.


On 1 July 2011, it was announced that Chris Moyles would remain within the BBC until at least 2014, ending speculation that he would move to a commercial rival.


However, on 11 July 2012, Chris Moyles announced that he would be leaving the breakfast show and the station on 14 September.


Chris Moyles stated Dominic Byrne, who read the news on his BBC Radio 1 show, would return with him, as would producer Pippa Taylor.


Chris Moyles was one of a team of celebrities who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Comic Relief, reaching the summit on 7 March 2009.


Chris Moyles was joined by his show's producers, Rachel Mallender and Pippa Taylor, and BBC Radio 1 controller, Andy Parfitt.


Chris Moyles's face was used in 24: The Game, and his voice can be heard in the films Wimbledon, War of the Worlds and Robots.


In 2002, his own Channel 5 show, Live with Chris Moyles, ran five shows a week for 13 weeks.


Chris Moyles voiced the fourth and final series of Sky1 show The Villa and has occasionally presented Top of the Pops.


Chris Moyles has worked for the Comic Relief and Children in Need charities on their telecasts.


Chris Moyles has presented a number of episodes of Big Brother's Big Mouth.


Chris Moyles presented The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 several times between 2000 and 2002.


Chris Moyles appeared on the ITV show The X Factor: Battle of the Stars and had minor success.


Chris Moyles was voted out of the show on 4 June 2006 in the semi-final.


Chris Moyles has spoken of a desire to transfer the format of his radio show to the TV, but otherwise has thus far stayed clear of a conventional TV format.


Chris Moyles played himself in an episode of the drama Hotel Babylon which aired on 15 February 2007 and appeared on a celebrity version of Supermarket Sweep that broadcast on the same day.


In 2008, Chris Moyles appeared on the Brit Awards to present the award for the best live act, and appeared in the BBC documentary series Comedy Map of Britain.


Chris Moyles has appeared on Channel 4's Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack TV programme as well as an appearance as a team captain on the Channel 4 show Alan Carr's Celebrity Ding Dong and on 18 July 2008 he appeared on Jimmy Carr's show on Channel 4,8 Out of 10 Cats.


On 23 February 2009, Chris Moyles was the guest on BBC One's The One Show to promote the BT Red Nose climb of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Chris Moyles appeared again on the show on 26 February 2010 to talk about and promote the second series of Chris Moyles' Quiz Night.


Chris Moyles visited Ireland and Belgium, where his great-grandfather fought and died in the First World War.


Chris Moyles co-presented Children in Need Rocks Manchester in November 2011.


Chris Moyles appeared on Children in Need on 16 November 2012, performing Bring Me Sunshine on stage with holograms of comedy duo Morecambe and Wise in an effort to raise money for the charity.


On 31 October 2022 Chris Moyles was announced by ITV as a campmate of the 2022 series of I'm a Celebrity.


On 16 May 2012 it was announced that Chris Moyles had been cast to play the part of King Herod in an arena tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Jesus Christ Superstar.


Chris Moyles uses a zoo format, and therefore relies on his team members and audience participation for his show's games and quizzes and for other sources of comedy.


Chris Moyles is renowned for his boorish manner, quick temper, and put-downs.


However, Chris Moyles generally accepts counter attacks in the same manner and routinely derides himself for being overweight and so forth, often in the lyrics of jingles.


In October 2004, Moyles and The Chris Moyles Show team replaced U2's "Vertigo" at number one in the UK Official Download Chart with their download-only charity song "Dogz Don't Kill People ", under the name 'Mouldie Lookin' Stain'.


Chris Moyles has parodied several Kaiser Chiefs songs under the name "The Kaiser Chefs".


Chris Moyles covered Puretone "Addicted to Bass" with "Addicted to Plaice", which covers the subject of being addicted to fish.


Chris Moyles has written Baked Beans, a parody of Same Jeans by The View, and "Lunch in this Pub", originally the Usher single "Love in this Club".


In March 2009 Chris Moyles released a parody song called "Dreaming of Debbie McGee".


Chris Moyles released "Waterproof" in July 2009, a parody of the La Roux song "Bulletproof".


The Chris Moyles Show was credited with the debut of the unofficial England World Cup Song, written and performed by Chico Slimani a parody of his hit single "It's Chico Time" and originally named "It's England Time".


Chris Moyles is a supporter of Leeds United FC and a critic of Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock.


Chris Moyles has been censured several times by the Broadcasting Standards Commission and Ofcom.


The regulatory bodies upheld complaints when Chris Moyles threatened and bullied Neil Fox in October 2002 with the claim that "I'm gonna tear his head off and poo down his neck"; and in early 2002, when he said "he would take the virginity of Charlotte Church", when the child star reached sixteen.


When he first arrived at Radio 1, John Peel took an instant dislike to Chris Moyles and accused him of being a "DLT-in-waiting".


Chris Moyles retorted that Peel was a "Kenny Everett-in-waiting, because Kenny Everett's dead and it's only a matter of time before John pops his clogs".


In February 2006, Chris Moyles apologised, along with the BBC, after swearing when speaking to a caller live on air.


Chris Moyles made the outburst while teasing a mother-of-three from Newcastle during an on-air feature which her children had interrupted.


Alongside a number of other Radio 1 and Radio 2 presenters, Chris Moyles crossed a strike picket line in 2005.


Chris Moyles revealed in September 2009 that he took a 20 per cent pay cut three months earlier, quoting the reason "I want to work at the BBC, which is trying to save some of its gazillions".


On 22 September 2010 Chris Moyles spoke out on air about not being paid by the BBC in two months.


Chris Moyles was accused of homophobia in May 2006, when he rejected a ringtone by saying "I don't want that one, it's gay", live on air.


The BBC governors said that Chris Moyles was simply "keeping up with developments in English usage".


Those defending Chris Moyles have noted that Aled Haydn Jones, his show's producer who has worked with Chris Moyles since 2001, is openly gay.


On 12 January 2010, hip-hop trio N-Dubz appeared on the Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1.


In 2012 Chris Moyles was involved in a tax avoidance scheme and requested a court order to prevent the press from reporting it, because he claimed it would infringe his human rights.


Chris Moyles has won several Sony Radio Awards: Silver in 1998; Gold in 2006; nominated in 2007: Gold in 2008; Bronze in 2009; and Silver in 2010.


Chris Moyles was voted "Best DJ" by readers of The Sun newspaper and readers of Loaded magazine.


On 7 July 2007 Chris Moyles appeared as a presenter at the UK leg of Live Earth in Wembley Stadium in London.