8 Facts About Kelly Osbourne

1. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Kelly Osbourne joined hands with the Salvation Army in Staten Island, New York during their recovery efforts in November 2012.

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2. On 1 April 2010, Kelly Osbourne joined Cyndi Lauper in the launch of her Give a Damn campaign to bring a wider awareness of discrimination of the LGBT community as part of her True Colours Fund.

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3. In August 2013, Kelly Osbourne was a guest judge on the 12th season of Project Runway.

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4. In March 2009, Kelly Osbourne was engaged to model Luke Worrall.

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5. In August 2010, Kelly Osbourne began filming on the comedy Should've Been Romeo, her first major role in Hollywood.

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6. In February 2006, Kelly Osbourne was a guest judge for the Season One Episode Four of Project Catwalk on Sky1.

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7. In spring 2006, Kelly Osbourne was one of the judges on Making Your Mind Up.

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8. In July 2007, Kelly Osbourne portrayed the role of prison matron Mama Morton in the musical drama Chicago for seven weeks at the Cambridge Theatre.

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