99 Facts About Kendall Jenner

1. Kendall Jenner puts her fun new eyebrows on display for Allure March 2019 issue.

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2. Kendall Jenner took it all off for the new issue of Italian Vogue.

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3. At some point over the past year, Kendall Jenner became the most overlooked member of Kardashian clan.

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4. Kendall Jenner debuted a new hairstyle on Instagram on Monday that left some of her fans pretty shook.

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5. On Monday, Kendall Jenner revealed four more photos from the shoot.

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6. Kendall Jenner has a modeling contract with a major modeling agency.

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7. Kendall Jenner once revealed her favorite rapper was Tyga, and he even performed at her 16th birthday party birthday party.

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8. Kendall Jenner is a 1960s queen in a brand new Vogue Italia shoot.

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9. Kendall Jenner is the star of this month's edition of Vogue Italia, gracing the cover with a few stylish looks.

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10. Kendall Jenner shows off her pert bottom as she goes completely naked for Vogue Italia.

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11. Kendall Jenner heads to her car after grabbing dinner with dad Caitlyn Jenner on Sunday in Malibu, Calif.

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12. Kendall Jenner honored her niece with some super cute and slightly odd nicknames.

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13. Kendall Jenner broke up with Julian in 2013 as she knew that he was cheating on her.

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14. Kendall Jenner has hooked up with several celebrities till now.

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15. Kendall Jenner is 5-foot-10 and therefore, the perfect height to be a runway model.

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16. Kendall Jenner revealed to Glamour, "I think a natural look is prettier.

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17. Kendall Jenner ended her relationship with Julian in August 2013, when he was found cheating on her.

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18. Kendall Jenner dated Julian Swirsky for some time from August, 2011 onwards.

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19. In 2012, Kendall Jenner was on the cover with her sister Kylie on Teen Vogue.

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20. Kendall Jenner is an American socialite, television personality and model.

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21. Kendall Jenner was born to parents Kris Kendall Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner and raised alongside her sister Kylie.

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22. Kendall Jenner was paid $275,000 to promote the event, court records show.

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23. Kendall Jenner has promoted various other non-signature products from the product line throughout the year.

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24. Kendall Jenner created two signature nail lacquers for the 2011 Nicole by OPI Kardashian Kolors nail polish line, for which the Jenner sisters eventually earned a combined in endorsement profit.

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25. Kendall Jenner was announced as the World's Highest-Paid model of 2018 in the Forbes top-earning models list.

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26. Kendall Jenner is maternal half sister to reality television celebrities Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian through mother Kris Jenner.

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27. Kendall Jenner is half sister to Burt and Casey Lynn Jenner through Caitlyn and first wife Christie Crownover.

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28. Kendall Jenner was born in Los Angeles, California, to retired Olympic decathlete champion Caitlyn Jenner and television personality Kris Jenner.

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29. In 2017, Kendall Jenner became the World's Highest-Paid Model on the Forbes top-earning models list.

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30. Kendall Jenner is an American reality television personality and is a star of E! show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

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31. Kendall Jenner takes a careful step as she leaves her hotel on Thursday night in London, England.

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32. Kendall Jenner wore a yellow minidress with 'naked' heels that look almost invisible.

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33. Kendall Jenner crossed the pond to attend the Chaos Sixtynine x L'oscar party on Thursday night.

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34. Kendall Jenner is the only one of her siblings that does not have a child.

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35. Kendall Jenner is showing off her Victoria's Secret Fashion Show look yet again.

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36. Kendall Jenner used to "cry" at school because her sister Kylie Jenner had more friends than her.

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37. Kendall Jenner has admitted that the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show is the only catwalk to give her preshow nerves.

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38. Kendall Jenner joined her sisters and mom Kris at the People's Choice Awards, where they skipped the red carpet and accepted the award for best reality show on stage.

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39. At the tender age of 23, Kendall Jenner plays the role of an aunt to her sisters' combined 9 children.

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40. Kendall Jenner speaks candidly about being an aunt to her sister Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's daughter, Stormi Webster.

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41. Kendall Jenner is opening up about how the Woolsey Fire has affected her and her famous family.

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42. Kendall Jenner thinks she has a special connection with Stormi Webster.

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43. Kendall Jenner took home the biggest award of the night at the Revolve Awards! The 23-year-old model was awarded Icon of the Year during the ceremony on Friday night at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas Nevada.

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44. Kendall Jenner officially has a five-year restraining order against her alleged stalker, E! News reports.

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45. Kendall Jenner has been granted more protection from her stalker.

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46. Kendall Jenner has been granted a five-year restraining order against alleged stalker John Ford, E! News has confirmed.

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47. Kendall Jenner rocks two different looks while making her way down the runway during the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show on Thursday at Pier 94 in New York City.

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48. Kendall Jenner is back on the Victoria's Secret runway! The 23-year-old model seemingly couldn't stop smiling as she strutted down the catwalk at the 2018 Victoria's Secret Runway Show at Pier 94 in New York City on Thursday.

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49. Kendall Jenner has made her return to the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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50. Kendall Jenner was granted a long-term restraining order Friday against a man who's been stalking her.

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51. Kendall Jenner held a low key party over the weekend to celebrate turning 23.

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52. Kendall Jenner leaves Victoria's Secret fitting as she prepares for lingerie spectacular.

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53. Kendall Jenner is not one to be outdone by her sisters.

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54. Kendall Jenner shared a throwback photo of her mom as a birthday tribute—but sisters Kourtney and Kylie have yet to post anything on social media to honor their mother.

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55. Kendall Jenner looks through the glass door of the Hotel Regina in Paris for a gorgeous photo in the new Miu Miu campaign.

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56. Kendall Jenner walks through the revolving door of the Hotel Regina with Game of Thrones actress Gwendoline Christie for the new Miu Miu Croisiere 2019 advertising campaign.

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57. Kendall Jenner has made Instagram and Twitter her social media universe, and we're bringing you the model's latest pictures and tweets.

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58. Kendall Jenner Says She Wasn't Popular As a Kid, Sister Kylie Jenner Had More Friends: I Use To Cry In My Room "I remember there was a time when I was in middle school, even high school a little bit, [when I] didn't have that many friends.

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59. Kendall Jenner was stationed in NYC for her 23rd birthday, which she spent with friends ahead of walking in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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60. Kendall Jenner marked her 23rd birthday with a low-key party.

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61. Kendall Jenner is celebrating her birthday with some of her closest friends! The newly 23-year-old model was spotted wearing a birthday hat as she Bella Hadid, Tyler the Creator, and a couple of other friends hit the town on Saturday night in.

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62. Kendall Jenner turned 23 on Saturday, and her younger sister, Kylie, rang in the model's birthday with a heartfelt Instagram post.

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63. Kendall Jenner goes for a CitiBike ride in a $2K fur coat.

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64. Kendall Jenner celebrated her 23rd birthday in New York City, where she is preparing for the 2018 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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65. Kendall Jenner might be busy getting ready to strut her stuff down the runway at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion show, but that didn't stop her from fully celebrating her birthday.

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66. Kendall Jenner is enjoying her 23rd birthday so far! The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star was spotted riding around on a Citi Bike with some friends and a bodyguard on Saturday in New York City.

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67. Kendall Jenner is the star of a hit reality TV show, a regular presence on the world's top runways—Chanel.

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68. Kendall Jenner is "convinced" her mum Kris Jenner's house is haunted.

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69. Kendall Jenner 'cried' as a child because sister Kylie had more friends than her.

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70. Kendall Jenner cried 'a lot' at school over Kylie having more friends.

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71. Kendall Jenner has one of the biggest circles of friends in the celebrity world.

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72. Kendall Jenner stepped out in a sultry Halloween costume at the Casamigos Halloween party in Las Vegas on Saturday.

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73. Kendall Jenner was channeling her inner "Austin Powers" for the holiday.

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74. Kendall Jenner was transformed in a huge blond wig and fuzzy pink slip dress.

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75. Kendall Jenner posted a photo of her Halloween costume on, showing off her Austin Powers deep cut knowledge.

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76. Kendall Jenner is in hot water again after her latest Vogue photo shoot sparked serious backlash.

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77. Kendall Jenner has been awarded a new restraining order against her alleged stalker.

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78. Kendall Jenner celebrated Halloween last night in a huge way.

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79. Kendall Jenner has shared she's experienced some ghostly encounters at her mum's Los Angeles home.

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80. Kendall Jenner is feeling shagadelic, baby! Wearing a sky-high blonde wig and a see-through slip dress, the supermodel kicked off her Halloween celebrations by dressing like a Fembot from the first Austin Powers film series.

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81. Kendall Jenner is the only one who has actually walked the Victoria's Secret show.

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82. Kendall Jenner shows her disregard for Black culture yet again in Vogue spread.

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83. Kendall Jenner joined her family in a charity yard sale on November 10, 2013.

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84. Kendall Jenner set up an eBay account where she auctions old clothing to raise money for Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

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85. In May 2014, Kendall Jenner purchased a two-bedroom, 2.5-bath condominium in Los Angeles for million.

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86. Kendall Jenner was at the center of public scrutiny in April 2017 after starring in a commercial for Pepsi called "Live for Now".

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87. Kendall Jenner was named as one of People magazine's 50 most beautiful people in the world on April 9, 2014.

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88. Kendall Jenner made a cameo appearance in the heist film Ocean's 8, which was released on June 8, 2018.

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89. In 2010, Kendall Jenner was cast in boy band One Call's Blacklight video along with Ashley Benson and Kevin McHale.

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90. In 2016, Kendall Jenner began a career as a photographer, her first published work was photographing and styling Kaia Gerber, daughter of iconic supermodel Cindy Crawford, for the sixteenth anniversary issue of LOVE.

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91. In November 2014, Kendall Jenner became an official Estee Lauder representative.

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92. In November 2012, Kendall Jenner teamed with Victoria's Secret photographer Russell James for editorial work and joint projects.

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93. Kendall Jenner featured in a Teen Vogue Snapshot on April 19, 2010.

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94. Kendall Jenner began modeling at age 14 when Wilhelmina Models signed her on July 12, 2009.

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95. Kendall Jenner was raised with her sister and maternal half-siblings in Calabasas, an upscale suburb west of Los Angeles.

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96. Kendall Jenner was raised in a stepfamily with one younger sister, Kylie, and eight half-siblings.

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97. In 2017, Kendall Jenner takes the top World's Highest-Paid Model on the Forbes top-earning models list.

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98. Kendall Jenner made her debut at No 16 on Forbes magazine's 2015 list of top earning models, with an estimated annual income of million.

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99. Kendall Jenner has done multiple editorials and cover shoots for LOVE and various international Vogue editions, walked for Victoria's Secret, and acts as brand ambassador for Estee Lauder's multimedia ad campaigns.

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