11 Facts About Kengo Kimura


Kengo Kimura mainly worked on the undercard during this tenure, until he was sent to North America on a learning excursion.

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In WWC Kengo Kimura defeated Carlos Colon to win the WWC Puerto Rico Heavyweight Championship.

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Kengo Kimura would hold the WWC Caribbean Tag Team Championship with Kengo Arakawa.

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Kengo Kimura held the WWC World Tag Team Championship along with Hiro Sasaki.

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On December 8,1978 Kengo Kimura, while wrestling as "Pak Choo" won the NWA World Light Heavyweight Championship from El Faraon.

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Kengo Kimura held the title until April 30,1979 when Alfonso Dantes defeated him for the title.

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Kengo Kimura quickly won the NWA International Junior Heavyweight Championship by defeating Bret Hart in a match for the vacant title.

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Kengo Kimura held the title until October 3,1980 when he lost the belt to Chavo Guerrero.

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Fujinami focused on winning the IWGP Heavyweight Championship while Kengo Kimura teamed with various partners in unsuccessful attempts at winning the tag team titles back.

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Later that year Kengo Kimura teamed up with Takashi Ishikawa to capture Big Japan Pro Wrestling's inaugural BJW Tag Team Championship.

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In early 2003 Kengo Kimura announced that he would retire at the end of the "Kengo Kimura Inazuma Countdown Tour".

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