14 Facts About Kenny Dykstra


Kenny Dykstra began working for Ohio Valley Wrestling, per WWE request.


Kenny Dykstra later began working on the independent circuit, wrestling for promotions including Dragon Gate USA and Evolve.


Kenny Dykstra started his professional wrestling career in the New England area under the name "Broadway" Kenn Phoenix.


Kenny Dykstra was later trained by professional wrestler and trainer Killer Kowalski in Malden, Massachusetts.


Kenny Dykstra made another appearance, losing to Lance Storm on an episode of Sunday Night Heat before being officially signed to a developmental deal and to OVW full-time on June 4,2004.


Kenny Dykstra had successful title defenses, but Doane lost the title to CM Punk on November 9,2005.


Also, Kenny Dykstra became the second youngest wrestler to win a title in WWE at the age of 20 years and 18 days; he was surpassed by Tyler Bate in 2017.


McMahon then called Triple H to the ring to attack Michaels with a sledgehammer; however, Kenny Dykstra snatched the sledgehammer away from him, disrespecting Triple H, which led to him attacking the group.


Kenny Dykstra became interested in joining the group Rated-RKO, which consisted of Edge and Randy Orton.


Kenny Dykstra continued the feud with Ric Flair, managing to pick up three straight victories before finally losing to him on the January 15,2007, episode of Raw.


Kenny Dykstra competed in the 2007 Royal Rumble match and got eliminated by Edge.


Kenny Dykstra debuted at the promotions first show on January 16,2010, in a loss to Jimmy Jacobs.


Kenny Dykstra announced on April 20,2021 through Twitter that he was retired from in-ring action.


Kenny Dykstra's parents were supportive of his decision in becoming a professional wrestler.