10 Facts About Kerber


Kerber had their first official concert in November 1981, in Muzicki klub in Nis.

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Kerber was replaced by former Mama Rock and Plamtece Nebo member Zoran "Sosa" Zikic.

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In May 1983 Kerber won the first place at Subotica Youth Festival with the song "Mezimac".

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In July 1983 Kerber recorded their debut album, Nebo je malo za sve, with Gordon Rowley, bass guitarist of the British heavy metal band Nightwing, as the producer.

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Kerber continued the concert despite doctor's advice, and later on continued the tour with bandages on his face.

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In December 1984 Kerber traveled to Great Britain to record their second album, Ratne Igre.

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In 1986 Kerber recorded their third studio album, Seobe, which was produced by Kornelije Kovac.

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In 1989 Kerber held another concert on the Zeleznicar Stadium in Nis and a one-month tour across the Soviet Union.

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At the beginning of 1996 Kerber released the studio album Zapis, produced by Vlada Negovanovic.

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On 31 January 2021 Kerber released the single "Bestraga sve", their first studio recording in twelve years.

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