29 Facts About Kevin Owens

1. Kevin Owens defeated Rollins at Clash of Champions in his first title defense.

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2. Kevin Owens has accomplished a lot already in his WWE Career.

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3. Kevin Owens loved all sorts of games and sports including Hockey, Baseball, and Soccer.

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4. Kevin Owens was born as Kevin Yanick Steena in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec and grew in the city of Marieville in Quebec.

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5. Kevin Owens is a decent husband as well as a loving and sensitive father.

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6. Kevin Owens once posted a video on Twitter showing her repertoire of WWE toys.

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7. Kevin Owens narrated how his son would always ask him when he was going to fight John Cena.

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8. Kevin Owens falls under the 'indie darling' category of WWE fan favorites.

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9. Kevin Owens has celebrated the total number of 34 birthdays till date.

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10. Kevin Owens explained on Talk is Jericho that there was an instance in which he brought his son to a WWE show and John Cena did not come to say hi to him.

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11. Kevin Owens has spent a lot of time in the indies before he made his way to the WWE.

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12. Kevin Owens is one of the biggest animal lovers in the WWE.

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13. Kevin Owens started training to become a professional wrestler at the age of 14 in Quebec, Canada.

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14. Kevin Owens was known for his work with Ring of Honor before he signed with the WWE, and he made his WWE debut in May 2015.

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15. Kevin Owens was a participant in the 2017 Money in the Bank ladder match.

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16. Kevin Owens was eliminated early though after he was disqualified for hitting AJ Styles with the List of Jericho.

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17. Kevin Owens holding you captive in a steel cage, threatening you because of your relationship with Seth, and Seth comes out to save you.

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18. Kevin Owens is currently out of action as his double knee surgery heals.

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19. Kevin Owens is not happy with Elton John at the moment.

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20. Kevin Owens has taken on a wide variety of challengers as the WWE Universal Champion.

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21. Kevin Owens said delays are usually about 10 minutes, but they can be longer.

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22. Kevin Owens is currently out of action after undergoing double knee surgery last month.

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23. At this point, it is unclear how long Kevin Owens will be out of action for.

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24. Kevin Owens is angry at Elton John for ruining date night with his wife.

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25. Kevin Owens is one of the most charismatic Superstars on the WWE roster, and perhaps one of the best heels in the business, although we might be seeing him as a face in the WWE soon.

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26. Kevin Owens called out Elton John for a match at WrestleMania after the latter's concert was cancelled after a 30-minute wait.

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27. Kevin Owens was ringside when Zayn faced Kofi Kingston, but failed to break up the pin resulting in Zayn losing, and beat up Kingston after the match.

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28. Kevin Owens commenting on his 18th draft pick position, in an interview with The Independent in August 2016.

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29. Kevin Owens wrestled in WWE's developmental branch NXT, where he was a one-time NXT Champion, before debuting on the main roster in May 2015.

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