36 Facts About Killer Mike


Killer Mike has since released five full-length albums as a solo artist.


Killer Mike is the founder of Grind Time Official Records, which he launched through SMC and Fontana Distribution.


Killer Mike is known as a social and political activist, focusing on subjects including social inequality, police brutality, and systemic racism.


Killer Mike was a visible and vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders' 2016 US presidential campaign, refusing to support Hillary Clinton after Sanders left the race, and again supporting Sanders in his 2020 presidential campaign.


Killer Mike has appeared in films such as Idlewild, Baby Driver, and ATL.


In 1995, Killer Mike briefly attended Atlanta's Morehouse College, where he met producers The Beat Bullies and eventually Big Boi of Outkast.


Killer Mike was featured on several other tracks that year, including "Poppin' Tags" from Jay-Z's The Blueprint 2.


In 2003, Killer Mike released his debut studio album, Monster, while being managed by Dayo Adebiyi and Al Thrash of Own Music.


Killer Mike appeared on "Southern Takeover" with Pastor Troy on Chamillionaire's album The Sound of Revenge.


Killer Mike released his fourth album, PL3DGE, on Grand Hustle in 2011.


Killer Mike announced in 2013 that his next solo album would be titled Elegant Elephant, a project he described as his "Moby Dick".


Killer Mike did not specify a timeline for its release.


Killer Mike was introduced to rapper-producer El-P by Cartoon Network executive Jason DeMarco in 2011.


That same year, Killer Mike guested on El-P's album Cancer 4 Cure.


On July 4,2022, Killer Mike released a solo single, "Run".


Killer Mike has been featured in the films 20 Funerals, Idlewild, and ATL.


Killer Mike guest-voiced a Boost Mobile phone in an episode of the same name of Adult Swim's Aqua Teen Hunger Force.


Killer Mike appeared twice on an Adult Swim surreal comedy series The Eric Andre Show, once in 2012, where he acted as a hype man for a female opera singer, and again in 2014, where he performed a rap battle with Action Bronson while the two were forced to walk on treadmills.


Killer Mike had waited nine years before choosing to open the barbershop, after having an early business manager advise him against the plan.


Killer Mike said that he hopes to "lift up men in the community who are out of work and help move them toward sustainable, lifelong careers" and give his employees "opportunity for real economic elevation".


Killer Mike said that he hoped to pursue his own barber license in the winter of 2012.


Killer Mike is an outspoken social activist focusing on subjects including social equality, police brutality, and systemic racism.


Killer Mike's views are reflected in his music, as well as in interviews with the media.


Killer Mike opened the set, which began about two hours after the announcement was made, with a heartfelt speech.


Killer Mike gave a keynote address on free speech, and particularly with respect to the criminalization of rap music, at the inaugural gala for the Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression in New York City in April of 2023.


Killer Mike has given lectures about race relations in the United States at several American universities, including Northwestern University, New York University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


In June 2015, Killer Mike briefly ran as a write-in candidate to become the representative for Georgia's 55th district in the Georgia House of Representatives.


Killer Mike said his purpose in running was to raise awareness of the special election, and to demonstrate that political outsiders can and should run against established politicians.


Killer Mike announced his support of Democratic US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in June 2015 after Sanders announced his intention to restore the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


Killer Mike released his interview with Sanders as a six-part video series the following month.


In February 2016, Killer Mike received criticism during his activism for Sanders for quoting American anti-racism and LGBT advocate Jane Elliott regarding Hillary Clinton, which was criticized as misogynistic and mistakenly attributed as being his original phrasing online and in the press.


In June 2017, at Glastonbury festival, Killer Mike endorsed Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn in the 2017 UK general election.


On March 22,2018, Killer Mike appeared on NRATV with host Colion Noir defending Black gun ownership.


Killer Mike stated that he told his children that if they participated in the National School Walkout that he would expect them to leave the family home.


On May 29,2020, Killer Mike spoke during a press conference with Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms in response to the murder of George Floyd and the ensuing protests.


In 2020, Killer Mike was the recipient of the first Billboard Change Maker Award, created to recognize an artist or group that speaks truth to power through their music and celebrity.