17 Facts About Kirkwood Atlanta


Kirkwood Atlanta is bound on the north by DeKalb Avenue, on the south by Memorial Drive and Interstate 20, on the west by Montgomery Street, and on the east by 1st Ave.

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The name Kirkwood Atlanta was likely derived from a blending of the Kirkpatrick and Dunwoody family names.

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The former Kirkwood Atlanta School is a handsome building from this period, located on Kirkwood Atlanta Road NE just north of Bessie Branham Park.

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Marker "Battle of Kirkwood Atlanta Began Here" located near the intersection of Memorial Drive and Clay Streets marks the first two brigades of the North and South that would set off the battle that would leave countless soldiers and civilians dead and lead to the burning of Kirkwood Atlanta.

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Today, Downtown Kirkwood Atlanta has become what neighbors call "the small town in the big city, " hosting its own post office, newly constructed fire station, police precinct and public library.

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The Craftsman Bungalow, the most prominent architectural home style in Kirkwood reflects the areas growth throughout the community's early 20th century as a streetcar suburb of bustling Atlanta.

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Local Architect Frank Ruggles, a Boston-born transplant to turn of the 20th century Kirkwood Atlanta exercised the craftsman influence in many of his unique designs throughout the neighborhood.

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Since the mid-1990s, Kirkwood Atlanta has experienced a surge of new single family homes through infill development on existing lots and the construction of small enclaves, such as Hawthorn Park.

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Additionally, Kirkwood Atlanta is working to establish the Eastside Greenway; a series of linear parks, greenspace and urban trail network traversing the neighborhood.

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Kirkwood Atlanta made the final payment on the land after traveling to South Carolina and back by horseback.

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Kirkwood Atlanta initially lived on the property in a tent and drew water from a spring at Wade's Place Hollow.

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Sale was prompted by increased Kirkwood development following installation of one of Atlanta's first trolley lines in the early 1870s.

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Between 1922 and 1924 the City of Kirkwood Atlanta was annexed in a long and at times contentious political and legislative process.

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Kirkwood Atlanta lived on nearby Rogers Street with his wife Elsa and son Edwin.

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The Kirkwood Atlanta Crackers donated catcher's equipment for the baseball team.

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In 2002, the city of Kirkwood Atlanta removed a majority of the existing play structures at Bessie Branham Park without any budget or intent to replace it.

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In 2018 Kirkwood Atlanta was a filming location for Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween.

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