10 Facts About Koshigaya


Koshigaya is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan.

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Koshigaya is situated in eastern Saitama Prefecture, in the alluvial plain of the Nakagawa basin between the Omiya plateau and the Shimosa plateau.

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Koshigaya, which is about 25 kilometers north of Tokyo and developed as a transportation for water and land transportation from premodern times.

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Koshigaya has a Humid subtropical climate characterized by warm summers and cool winters with light to no snowfall.

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Koshigaya-shuku prospered during the Edo period as a post station on the Nikko Kaido and the Oshu Kaido highways, and the town served as the temporary residence of the Tokugawa shogun after the 1657 Great Fire of Meireki which destroyed Edo Castle.

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Town of Koshigaya was created within Minamisaitama District, Saitama with the establishment of the modern municipalities system on April 1,1889.

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Koshigaya annexed neighboring village of Soka on November 3,1955.

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Koshigaya was elevated further to special city status on April 1,2003 and to core city status on April 1,2015.

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Koshigaya is a major regional commercial center with a diversified industrial base.

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Actual scenery of Koshigaya is set in the anime and manga series, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid.

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